Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In Preparation of Whatever May Come...

"E re nata. Aut viam inveniam aut faciam."

As circumstances dictate. I will either find a way or make one

Its approximately 7:30. I'm tired and exhausted physically from one extreme workout but for some reason my mind and spirit are still as wired as ever. For the past couple of months (actually all my life but not to this extreme) I've felt like I've been preparing for something yet I can't put my finger on what it is or who it involves...yet it feels like whatever is coming I need to be at my best at all times in every way and ready.

For all I know it could be a life or direction changing thing, the usual right place at the right time, or something else.......but in the mean time....I'm going to continue to workout and push my physical limits to get better and make sure I'm physical ready and capable to do my best. AS ALWAYS I consult with God on the spiritual, and mentally I know I've slacked a bit to give my detail oriented mind a vacation. As a result I've missed a few details...but as whatever this is rolls around...I'll be back on point like clockwork. I'm sure some of my friends have realized a slight change in my Demeanor only because of my focus..just don't take it in offense..it's not like that.

Mind, Body, and Spirit.......take care of them and they will take care of you.

Aside..well partially related....The dreams are back.....and as always far from average and test me in character and skill...with risk as always. I wonder sometimes if I should create a separate blog that details my dreams. I think they would be a very interesting read...almost story like but puzzles as well. Some of the people involved I know and some I don't...but we'll see.

Welp I'm going to get cleaned up....stay tuned for my 2011 blog.....or any blogs leading up to that.....if you don't have blogspot check out my link for Just a guy on tumbler.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

2 + 2 = UHHH ?

I'm starting to think cognitive skills otherwise known as the ability to put 2 and 2 together is rapidly dwindling.......

With the uprise of Google, Bing, twitters, even FB, insert whatever search engine and mind personality blirt (Venue) you choose ....and laziness (possibly killing the ability to read one another or read between the lines, etc) following accordingly I find myself not even trying in any form of interaction or communicating and receiving many looks that only remind me of the following words

Buffering............still loading.......2%.......error.....blue screen of death...and for you mac users...volley ball of doom.

I guess with the world at your fingertips....that apparently justifies the loss of ones ability to listen and really think.....................if you haven't realized...I'm being sarcastic here.....BUT ITS ELEMENTARY my dear Watson.....no really you learned to think and assess at a young age I hope....

You may find that one is very powerful and can learn and solve AND avoid a lot of unnecessary things AND ACHIEVE A LOT when they can put 2 and 2 together. Eventually it all adds up to paying attention to details and the quality of which you receive information and retain it...........but as my mom would probably say...it usually goes "one ear and out the other".......so I guess most will probably google there own cognitive skills in substitution ...or into submission....and assume things the rest of their life as we throw our thoughts and actions out there unattended and not thought out ...therefore left to a BIG GREY AREA FOR MISINTERPRETATION MISUNDERSTANDING MISTAKES..........and the occasional awkward or unnecessary moments...and missing a lot of good fun.

you know eventually I just turn that confusion into a source of entertainment just to see people make that sloth face.....you know The Goonies HEEEEY YOOOU GUUUUUUYS!?

but hey I'm


P.s. and as always these are just my thoughts in the moment…..okay maybe for a while but a while in the moment….lol

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Good Man Stands for Something........

Every good man has to stand for something otherwise he is idle and being idle is ineffective nor what your life needs. The world will tell you you need to be more this or you need to be more that but there are 3 things I believe a man needs to be despite how he may be TOLD how he should be.

1. He needs to live with purpose (an objective in mind to implement and achieve)

2. He needs, at the basic level, his faith or belief (support) system (His drive, goal, religion, relationship, or family, etc)

3. He needs to represent, implement, and take care of the things he cares most about despite any form of criticism as long as it remains ethical (productive with minimal harm possible) nor overly compromising to who he really is.

at his core these things are tested through patience, outside judgment,trials and tribulations, jobs, relationships, and the everyday tasks........He doesn't waste nor should he waste much of his time proving himself to others (unless necessary) but truly to himself.....outside opinions, "standards", and ideals change everyday but the one you hold for yourself is what compels YOU and can influence those. changing elements. They say a lot of things about what makes a good man....but what makes him good is how he carries these 3 throughout his life. its truly 5 a.m. and my thoughts in the moment....I've lived an oddball life thus far with a few overlaps with whats considered common...but I know what I do and why... as should you...


Monday, December 6, 2010

Maturity Part 1: Act your age or pretend really well...

yea yea I know it took so long for this blog as I promised in earlier blogs to happen....a lot of things have happened lately....but but NO EXCUSES lol I accept my delay :P

Its one of those words that get thrown around quite loosely without really a true understanding of it. Too much like words such as love, friendship, and genius. Often times it is used in judgment and often the people themselves using it don't fully represent it either (hypocrisy if you will). Growing up the way I did, I learned that...

maturity is how one handles information..

Something this world holds an abundance of and is one heck of a power in reality...with it comes great responsibility (Ooooh Spiderman oh SNAP!!)....so to truly test "MATURITY" is to test and see how one handles information don't you think?

Usually in the idea of maturity...you take the information to create the best outcome possible with minimal drama as possible or at least stabilize things. You keep things moving and hopefully improve on them as you accept not deny your contribution or decisions in anything. You don't harp and you don't shift blames. You take responsibility, remain respectful, and productive in whatever it may be. You know your limits, when to push, and when to cut...okay maybe the when to cut gets a little gray but don't go cutting all willy nilly.....its like going into a gun store with a knife......your only screwing yourself there.

but most likely we tend to let info cause us to lose control and allow our emotions, vendettas, routine self destruct mechanisms, or external influences to override our better judgment as we cover our own flaws in maturity saying FTW!!! (with soap box optional) whiiiiich usually keeps us from doing things the best way possible and cease in learning and progressing.

rightfully so we can have a legitimate reason depending on the info (cheating, slander behind the scenes, any type of discrepancy) to be agitated....but that too creates problems and compromise who we are and the best outcome if we allow it too.

I learned in MY life that there are two ways one learns maturity...

1)with time and age given their own experiences with trial and error.....which can be very long winded for the sheltered and those living in stubbornness or overly wreckless.

2)intentionally understanding the lives and experiences of those before you....this was how I started off being given I was raised with baby boomers for my first real friends. (Same script different cast)

It really speeds up the course when you learn by both methods...but most learn by number 1......if at all :/

Everyday life:
One of things that bothers me is when maturity is indirectly used when people say "ACT LIKE AN ADULT" or to that effect....Playground politics never die...so to me the adult is a figment of your imagination....a specialized group or "click" if you will....its kind of like calling yourself the cool kids.....so really is that as mature as you think it is. We're all just big developing kids.....just some of us are more stubborn then others in the handling of things the best way..CONSISTENTLY. so when your saying to me act like an adult your really about two shades away from saying

"nanny nanny boo boo...I've got something yoooou don't ...I'm better than yooooou......I got some iiiiice cream, you didn't geeeet none" sorry got carried away :P *adjust tie*

now..I'm just going to talk on two sections of life.

Love life:
Okay seriously.......whether eharmony, speed dating, coffee house, or nicholas sparks like events, the club, arts and craft meet, [insert whatever dating environment here] Maturity was the last thing on your list of things to think about at the time of Ooo aa and oo shiny (translation: interest in each other) ..but yet its used as the supposed initial standard by men and women as to whether you'll be with them. (sips beer). Thats just something you find out over time that seals the deal. I'm sure we don't go "Hey here is my maturity card..been a member since mm/dd/yyyy" and by time most of you realized whether the person is good at being mature (handling things better) or not..well some of you know the rest...sooo I'll shut up here and save that for another day. :P

Maturity..........it knows no bounds here and usually the worst are in highest position but those who can use information and handle life right...excel quite well in making their work environment comfortable moderately and making it up the ladder.... enough said.

if there is something you'd like me to touch on with this...please let me know...I'll gladly touch on it in part 2. but hey this is just my thoughts and at the end of the day you know what I am....:P


P.S. Some of you really need to pull your heads out.... maturity requires breaking a cycle....hard to see and create a better future when your to busy watching history repeat itself. :P

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I just find it funny....

Things I just find funny

I find it funny that people spend and waste a lot of time trying to hide things from each other.....and then don't realize that many tell on themselves and just don't realize it.

I find it funny how a guy who really likes a girl goes from 60 to zero in intelligence when she goes into the room.....yet has a 50 percent shot at attracting her that way...He either seems "cute" in her mind....or "special".

I find it funny when it is chaotic I'm the calm one........and when its calm apparently I'm the chaotic one........I like to think I'm just in the middle

I find it funny........the youth of a child.......when they aspire to act grown up and when you see grown ups....they aspire to grow down....

I find it funny that when they say there is always someone crazy enough to do it (getting the job done of course)......everyone looks at me...

I find it funny that a majority of us speak in code........we're either like double agents or really just suck at finding the accurate words to say things.

I find IT funny............no really IT seems versatile..........$%@#$# IT....everything in ITself....It seems....You know IT..etc

I just find it funny......along with a few other things


Thursday, November 4, 2010

To meet or NOT to meet....that is the question...:\

To Meet or Not to Meet? That is the question...whether it is safer to the mind to have never socialized in such ways as this.....well you get the shakespearean drift

You know at some point your going to find yourself in one of those meetings where about 10 minutes into it your pondering the important issue to be discussed But theeeeeen you trail off into vague thoughts of your to do list, a past conversation, that hot girl or guy you saw, and eventually ending on contemplating the meaning of life and your role in it....:\

Point being its one of those meetings that can't seem to stay on task but more in a way that isn't entertaining but more mind numbing to the point you suffer from Charlie Brown syndrome over the lead speaker.

"womp Wawomp womp...and today's project womp wawomp womp womp"

So you begin to fiddle with your phone (as you cleverly hide it from plane sight of course) checking your facebooks..."twit"ters...and insert whatever guilty pleasure you please...to combat the high mind numbage that is the constant monotone speech, excruciating pain (with maybe the only thing rivaling it being LABOR PAINS as described by a friend) of unthought out statements and BS excuses, and the vile fatality to your sanity being what you hear and think might be an attempt at a "Pep talk" to boost morale....but you're not quite sure....

at the end.......you may find that nothing was accomplished........literally.....okay maybe not nothing....you may have accomplished wasting 15-60 minutes till your lunch or break...thus making your day go by faster.....but you wonder why you were there to begin with....or who you screwed in the cycle of Karma to end up there.....

then again..........maybe you're one of the luckies and got the exciting meeting with cake, cookies, punch, and jokes.......GOD BLESS YOU!.....Either way I think we all experience the first one at least once in our life...........only thing I can say is........CHEERS to you Mr./Mrs there is 15-to whatever minutes of my life I will never get back!!! This cold one is for you.

"United we stand there, Divided we might actually get more done in some cases"


Monday, November 1, 2010

New Ball Game

Normally I post a humorous picture but not today. I've spent the past couple of months in intense workouts as well as of course as my last post said keeping rather busy for myself and others. At the same time improving. Mind, Body, and Soul.

Its funny to review my past to a certain extent. I've been blessed with a rather diverse network so life never gets old and boring for me but it reminds me of all the lessons I've learned and all the things I've come to appreciate that got me through a lot of things.

Now I'm still focused as ever on creating the best future I can and have a little fun along the way.

I still plan to travel national and hopefully international one day, I still plan to put out an entertainment project, I have some community development ideas in the works, expand further in cooking and career, and of course I still, and this will never leave, plan on representing the things I want to see in this world. I've got a purpose to serve. I'm there for who needs me along the way whether seen or unseen (Matthew 6:4). A lot of things have clicked for me..I'm about to play a new ball game.......stay tuned

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Focus Focus alakazam

Hello........its been awhile hasn't it. apologies.. I've been well really busy. As mentioned before I'm a bit of a workaholic and there are no meetings for that :P......but its all to achieve a goal really. I'm just really focused and have been doing quite a bit of networking and even problem solving lately for myself and a few others. I just hope not in vain but if so I keep it moving. I really don't have time to be idle needlessly. If you've met me you know that I put 100 percent usually in what I do and say and if it works great and if it doesn't oh well I learn and adapt. As the picture suggest I don't really dick around for lack of better terms. I take that which is important to me seriously and I do what I have to do but I also do it humorously...can't be too serious all the time...not good for the health. It would be nice to procrastinate if even for a bit though......but meh... oh well...my work ethic precedes me and the fruits of my labor have kind of been a testament to it for as long as I can remember.......actions speak louder than words right? the story of my life...but I have few regrets (1 really but it was necessary)....its worked out as far as jobs, accomplishments, character, and reputation...welp I gotta get back to work........can't dick around....I've got things to do and the unknown to handle :P I'll keep you better posted.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

What Kind of Woman Catches My Eye? hmm

Hmm what is my criteria for the perfect girl..........hmmm ;/

Honestly I really don't have any real superficial criteria for women. I always jokingly say as long as she isn't crazy......but I mean more in a don't key my car just because your mad or burn down the house crazy. lol

Truth be told, I like all women for the individual qualities respectively. Each lovely lady has their own "customized" style, lingo, walk, interest, smell, softness, etc. Sometimes they can overlap with others and some combinations work and some don't. So in my mind that means, no matter the relationship, each has its on different vibe and chemistry again respectively...so no sense in comparing...vice versa ladies in regards to men...... but if I had to look at some high points of interest that normally catch my eye.....hmmm let me think about it. ....

1. In the words of Andre 3000 ...Nothings more attractive than a heaven praying woman ;)
2. Honestly I love any woman who can hold a witty and humorous conversation. That kind of girl inspires me and offers a little fun competition
3. I like a woman who knows how to cook...I love cooking and do so a lot myself...I figure a little culinary quality time ahead ;)
4. I like a woman who takes care of her health....for herself mainly and if she does for me...I appreciate it....although I will say I think I'm a legs man ;).....just saying that next to eyes the legs do tend to grab my attention.
5. Knows how to dress up is definitely sexy (any man can testify to this at some point) ....it'll make this man lose his speech, swallow his ego, and forget what happened the rest of the day...Don't get me started on when you walk ;)
6. Knows somewhat when she is going a little too far in moments of conflict
7. Selfless before selfish (take care of you and take care of others)
8. Ambitious and follows her aspirations
9. Team player and open minded...I can't stress that enough
10. Intellectual meaning she is willing to think things through....this is very rare and important. Also her knowledge ventures into areas I have yet to go myself. Someone I too can learn from.

really most of it comes down to mental actions being in sync with the physical actions and If she has my back then I have hers. She is who she is and I am who I am and we come together to do something greater than ourselves. I'm a simple man who handles the complexities of life ...aka Just a guy. ;) but it doesn't hurt to have an ally in those complexities.

Truthfully whether I find all these things in one package or not.....I'm fine with what God has in store for me. He's always given me what I needed and its kept me from being self centered, greedy, nor Judgemental and I'm happy to this day. As I've said before that I'm self sufficient but I'll admit I'm incomplete but happy either way. I'm confident in my abilities as a man and how I've lived life thus far, but as all men, I have my rough edges at parts that really man can only learn from a woman and vice versa. That 2 become 1 is a funny thing..........thus the He who finds a wife finds a good thing (Proverbs 18:22) the fairy tale and perfection lives in that....

See I'm a guy who has to focus on various vast details in my life, others life, and work, at times I'm a workaholic in my efforts to do my best for all and myself and will admit that, a perfectionist at times which means I become dedicated to my efforts and all the intricate parts. So I know that the type of girl I need most probably will be capable of pulling me out of that and saying hey "enjoy life a bit and breath" and when I fall ill with myself and with others be more or less the medicine to my mind. She'll be my strength when I'm weak and the weakness to my strengths (vital) and vice versa. I guess thats what they mean when they say "shes the air I breath" she revitalizes being that break from the world you constantly keep having to fight to prove yourself as a man among the follies and survive as you come up for air. She may also be the unknowing inspiration as to why I pursue improving myself....even now as she doesn't exist lol. Men change for women undoubtedly if they love them so no doubt I probably will too should that happen and hopefully for the best.

I have no problems holding hands in public or really any PDA. I'm a man and comfortable with who I am and my responsibilities. I was raised monogamous, chivalrous, faithful, and responsible. So I know where I stand no matter what with whomever she may be. Truly I know that every relationship has its own chemistry and purpose and unless I engage in it with full appreciation I won't find what I'm looking for and more or less get in my own way as do many men and women.

...ee I've babbled enough. I got a concert going on in the back and I have to finish packing....but all in all. Beautiful ladies keep doing your thing and stay sexy and to that special lady if she exist maybe we'll meet up in the future.


P.S. This was inspired by constant conversations with my female coworkers trying to figure out what kind of woman best suits me lol.......I'm starting realize that most my staff at both jobs are predominately women with me and another guy if I'm lucky.....I detect a vast plot some where lol

Monday, September 20, 2010

Being Mad Ain't so Bad Ladies ;)

I love you all lol Sometimes I act confused or step back just to see you express that "abundance" of confidence. Sometimes it's sexy.....and sometimes it's funny. BUT if you come at me all HIGH and MIGHTY, just know that I am listening.....but when its all said in done you can't control me without a fight....but I'm sure someone MIGHT be able to inspire me differently....you can try lol...this fella offers that challenge openly.....but hey ..all in all you're sexy when your angry.....well most.......some of you are just funny. I won't instigate it. I just enjoy it for what it's worth and I still got you covered in the end ;)

If a woman comes to you in frustration about you whether legitimate or not. Listen and take the essentials. Make sure you do more than just a head knod, and uh huh, and don't give that buffering look on your face you do between us guys. haha Do at least something at minimal that addresses that essential problem...It will show her that you listened.....but this doesn't mean be walked on a leash either but you'll go far.

Well this gentlemen has to get back to work on his future. I've got to keep this party going.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"I CAN'T HANDLE ALL THIS #%^$#&!!!!"

How old are you? Yes you can handle this #^$%#$. You've been handling it for THAT many years! :P I think you're doing alright. Reality isn't so bad if you know what to do with it and with what you have. But I think to many are getting too wrapped up in getting stuck on the little parts that seem difficult of this game and wanting to throw the controller here or mad because they can't do it like others are playing it or with what others are playing with. Do you, perfect YOUR skill, advance your levels.....heck you might get the princess and bonus hahahaha (metaphor or not)..NERD JOKE......just stop giving up, and stressing on little things, or believing in one way to play in life, love, and the pursuit of whatever(both genders), and in everyday or routine task and assignments...you only get one life so live YOURS...sorry no extras...Save your quarters it will come in handy.....and lay off the mushrooms:P A little stress is good for you.....but no sense in being stressed out about it.


p.s.---there sure is a lot of Mario Bros. metaphors in this....

Monday, September 13, 2010

The footsteps we leave.....

wow ...I've helped a lot of people in my life thus far... Some still don't even know it or in what way. That is the best part. It's when you leave footsteps in ones' life and you see it at work even when they never notice. It's always a good feeling since you don't want or have to brag, the result is the reward. Our actions will always speak louder and be a testament to our character. Thank you....I'd do it again in a heart beat for them. :) I have confidence in what I do but I never let pride ruin a good thing. If life ran on karma I must be doing something good God. Alright tomorrow what do you have in store for me?....No matter what I'll do my best.


Hebrews 10:24-25

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Man to Man #1: Man up

To each man his own path, his choice of rules, values, morals, actions, etc. I've said this plenty times throughout my life. I can only speak for me. There are areas I may overlap with other men but the path I choose to follow is one customized by me and guided by the man upstairs in personal relationship. I can't really speak for women ...for obvious reasons...I'm just a guy lol :P They have their own set of rules to apply to themselves individually....

As for me these are just the criteria and rules I uphold to myself.

1. If you start something, then always try to finish it. You've committed to something and the only thing that should stop that is if it jeopardizes integrity or life and nature taking its course....some things naturally remain incomplete when its beyond your control....aggrivating yes it is at times but overall try to get things done.

2. Do your best. Even in the littlest of task give 100 percent. If you multitask put 100 percent of your best ability at anytime in what you do.

3. Accept that you aren't perfect, that your human but be willing to grow from that. Trial and error, lifes lessons, words of wisdom, the woman in your life these things open opportunities to be complete.

4. Be content with what you have but always strive to do better. Work with what you have accessible to acquire more. Be ambitious but don't become greedy it doesn't work well for your life in quality.

5. Take charge and responsibility when its necessary in your work ethic, your relationships, and conflicts. Call it an alpha male principle but in time you'll understand. Take care of the things you care about.

6. Elevate yourself and those around you

7. Respect the opposite sex (and hopefully they do the same :P). They are 1/2 of what brought you into this world. Your incomplete without them....eventually you might want/need that rib back in your life (bible reference) :P. Know that they can be one of your greatest allies, confidante, your strength, and medicine sometimes...to the rest don't get to much into that world....accept them for their strengths and weaknesses as they hopefully do you....or... if they do accept yours in todays world :/.....if not.. the dog usually will and compensates that area (mans best friend haha)...but all in all you are the worlds two greatest puzzle pieces. Get the picture? :P

8. Know that you're going to have to get your hands dirty (meaning work hard) in almost everything in order to be a a man of God (or whatever faith YOU follow..this is mine), good provider, Good worker, a good father, a good man, a good friend, a good lover (yea I said love..and er aaand?), a good example, a good anything for that matter. It's never easy but its never too hard either. Also to achieve or obtain most things. Work to be better than you were yesterday.

9. You're probably outnumbered by the sheer numbers of male idiots..flawed individuals in certain areas around you that may jack things up for you.......don't judge them but help them. (As iron sharpens iron) Also accept that your probably going to occasionally pay for their mistakes unintentionally by the people around you who had a bad experience with them...one bad apple as they say...but man up an prove that you aren't one of those individuals.

10. Come in with a plan and improvise on the unexpected until you can get something consistent...don't wait on ideal conditions.

All in all suck it up take responsibility... BE A MAN.....you got things to do and a life to live..okay okay.... Take the occasional breather to "stop and smell the roses"......smh...grow some (deep voice)...but also go smell the aroma of a football field or something around blood, sweat, and maybe tears...OF VICTORY! haha ...so by your own rules... BE a MAN...


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm sufficient but I'll admit that I'm incomplete humbly...as we all are.

"I like a woman with selfless ambition who challenges me to do better in a way that she doesn't realize it.....and what makes her priceless is that we invest in each other so therefore we invest in us even in differences." [2001]

these type of women always grab my attention.....I appreciate their existence. Especially since its usually what I need. I found one of my old quotes....just thought I'd share.

Neither side is perfect and neither will find a whole package of what they want in the other...but the fact that they come together makes them whole and a perfect fit...especially as they begin something better than themselves alone without comparison......we were not created simple-'mindedly...

Fundamentally the two can't live without each other......function.. yes........live..no..

These words include physically, mentally, and spiritually. We develop each other.....as iron sharpens iron........if we were perfect coming in.. we most often might take it for granted so the perfection lives in us working towards developing together....thus the 2 become 1..... This is the wonders of any 2 coming together....what they make of it as they move together....the possibilities are endless.

One can only hope that confusion, simple mindedness, or narrow thoughts will not be the destruction of something wonderfully made when you let it take its course in full appreciation. Well, I'm going back to taking care of business too many slackers with no work ethic out here....


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taking The Time to Thank you

I just wanted to take some time out and just really dedicate this to my parents mainly and a few older wiser minds. I have to thank them as I look around at the things they prepared me for and the things I see many struggling with.

By the time I was 12 I was able to cook, clean (till sterile as a hospital), and iron for myself. By the age of 14 basically save and understand finances and responsibility. Heck at age 8 I was already doing chores and beyond. Other things...well I could debate were too early to learn but as my father has repeatedly said, " ..it prepared you didn't it?".........although you could of waited a while longer on some but thank you anyway. By time I was 15 you had taught me in and outs of credit cards, loans, bills, and insurance..of course under some rather creative tactics ....which required me to be even more tactical to outwit....so thank you :P I think I've been playing the bills game all my life...so bills don't worry me. You also taught me how to not limit my options and be content and from there build on that for better.....that kept me from being greedy and provided me a lot of opportunties thanks to that lesson. I know I didn't make it easy for you..

All in all thank you most of all among the other older and wisers who taught me self sufficiency, maturity, priority, humility, work ethic, several life lessons early, and open mindedness in the most creative of manners as expected. :P I hope to do the same for my own if that opportunity arises anytime in the future :P.....This blog is to you....


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Updates and thoughts...no perspective

no philosophies no observations today.......just wanted to update you

Past couple days I've been putting myself through hell for physical training....I like the challenge and I have goal in mind. You only have one body in this world so best live it at its peek with fewer health risk..so you can fully do what it is that you want to do....Plus I have a goal in mind and need to be in good health. Mind, body, and spirit take care of them and they will take care of you...

At the same time I've been doing quite a bit of networking and shaking hands and putting things in play hopefully for the benefit of myself, others, and those I network with. Job opportunities, training options, financial help, etc.....Just helping others while I get my stuff straight. A lot of my friends have dreams that I know about..........and Hope they succeed so I try and help while I pursue my own. Its been worthwhile in effort. I'm rather thankful to have a very diverse network that has allowed me to see various viewpoints of life and get understanding of them and a clearer picture of whats true and whats not...fruitful since it seems I'm friends with the exceptions to the many rules we put out there....and this has helped me help others as I intentionally seek understanding. So As you elevate......elevate those around you.."as iron sharpens iron....so one man to another."

Soon going to read a book titled Wild at Heart........this book has sparked up quite a bit of religious controversy but I hear its intents are not of the sort. Its apparently about the role and mentality of man (males) and its changes from what it was to what it is. The rumor is its crossing one of my pet peeves or religious verses but I have to read it before i draw that conclusion.....I mean i'm more or less looking for the intent...it becomes a peeve when people use it the wrong way or wrong one in a aggressive misguided attempt like judging or retaliating or justifying something not complete....but if its a good intent without those...it might not cross my peeve line....we'll see. I'll enjoy it among the other training guides I'm doing.......I'm looking at starting the MCAT bus again......

I think a quiet storm is brewing in a couple of my friends lives....I see signs of it coming..and I know they're going to need a good reliable friend when it rears its ugly head.......for now I'm just sitting and watching as I handle my business. I've got little to no worries on my end.

Aside from that.........I'm organizing, planning, working hard, and having a little fun :)

by the way seek every opportunity to resume skill build if your not in the career of your choice.

all in all.......if life ran on karma......I must be doing something right these past years

I think my next real perspective blog will be on the evolution of like......regarding how we as males changed over time in how we liked the opposite sex and how we went about it.....mainly because its interesting and I haven't really formulated a real opinion towards it since to each man his own path...we'll see..I might save it for later..as always I'm just a guy...


Saturday, August 28, 2010

The ability to change minds and change hearts....

First off...no thats not me in the picture lol

I'm going to keep this shorter than normal....maybe lol

I live in a world where people predominately have the most negative of thoughts but the happiest of intents and goals.....their experiences often negative at times cause them to lose belief in their worthwhile ideals and ultimately in themselves......give or take some have grown just fatigued from battling for what they believe in or believe should be in this world...I've caught a few on my shoulders in that battle..many times I watch as they "hopefully" learn from the experiences what it is they need to do.......but many don't and with it often they leave it to someone else in hopes to install their beliefs. I hate seeing them when they get to that stage when it feels like they lost everything or crushed in what they believe...that look that they have to let go of something...when really its not like that...often they just don't understand yet...

I want people to represent what they believe should be in this world.

If you believe chivalry should be in this world be the chivalrous one

If you believe in True Love of a certain fashion.....be the one that creates and represents it...you may not believe it but it can be found/created with anybody...you'll understand that with time though...thats a long learning process. Every relationship is its own novel..and they too can be fairytales.

If you believe that the world needs more Trust...be the one who can be the most trustworthy.

If you believe the friendships should be strong be the ones that prove it...as long as you all involved have your heads screwed on...

Be the things you want to see in this world.....even if the world doesn't believe its possible....My God, my friends, my family, and myself have proven this...

several tell me no you can't change minds but...I know its possible to trigger it....to change perceptions...to change hearts on vital things (love... don't force that if thats what you thinking on the heart thing..but don't limit yourself in that arena either).......its not easy but it is possible...I've done it myself...but it took one hell of a road to do it...no it wasn't something grand scale that could make me a celebrity or something but something simple but not easy... So when I see some battle for theirs and grow fatigue I never want them to give up...so I catch them on my shoulders occasionally right before they faint into that process...now.. Certain things you do give up on particulars when you realize its truly unnecessary or unhealthy to life...but for the more essential you keep working at it to put it into existence....but you have to learn a few things to do so about yourself and others.

Your work ethic is you......without it nothing changes....and with it "Nothing" changes.

but hey again...I'm just a guy...you can believe me, you can criticize, and so forth. Tell me I don't understand or whatever really lol....BUT.. I just know what I know and have done...I know what I understand as opposed or in regards to you as a person or people. Spend a day in my world...its not elaborate or grand..but its okay for right now in experiences...but you will see and realize a lot of things......its not a normal path for many but its got a great view to see a lot of things in and about people.

I'm sure you've triggered a few changed minds unknowingly...hopefully for the better outcome. One of the many benefits to actions speaking louder than words........


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Right Place ....at the Right Time.....

There is a song that I like by a group called the Procussions. The song is titled
"Down to One" in the song he speaks of his life and how he found his clarity in life.
There is a particular verse in it that grabs my attention every time and it goes...
Here is what it all comes down to/
what you know for yourself regardeless of everything around that surrounds you

Eat if you like heavy or light with a spoon, whether dirty or clean/
in the end it all taste like the same thing/

That one line of People and places has never been more true than in my life.

My best earliest memory of this was sitting in school lunch in early high school and a person approached a friend of mine at my table to confront him over some misguided words and rumors (kids being kids right?)...the soul of the persons whole intent for confronting was to fight him.......I remember being unsettled by this and ready to pull him out.....but right as I got up...an associate at our table who I hadnt really known well threw out his hand out on my chest and told me to back down and look....low and behold if I hadn't stopped I wouldn't have noticed the fact that it was a gang up....several people in the opposing party placed to attack one kid just for the sake of an unnecessary fight...a "just because" fight...on someone who they felt didn't matter. I truly understood the situation then...long story short no one got hurt...they're plans were ceased with the associate and my help. ...that guy who stopped me ..didn't know me from a lick of beans nor anyone at that table but did what he did..while everyone else was blind....I came across him years later now just battling with life for a few bad decisions that cant be helped...but what he did always sticks in my mind.

If you know me or have known me you've probably heard me say (under my breath)

...right place at the right time.......for somebody else.............

God has never put me where I never needed to be in the way he designed me ...I was built for helping and outreaching to others and a lot of the times in their darkest moments while at the same time learn something about myself and them. I've never been really able to understand it, nor explain it to others especially since most just look at is as meddling...and judge without really looking at it...but if you really followed...I never volunteered...I was just always there when no one else was able to do much and by instinct somehow I help because if i didn't ....no one else was going to or be able too....and usually the worse happened if nothing was done....so I tell people to watch and stick around..maybe then they might get it.

I've known this to be my purpose for some time now.....actually unrecognized and natural when I was little but later I ran from this.......God and I have a humorous relationship there...it felt kind of like Jonah and the Fish. God more like "where you gonna go?....I said where you gonna go?....I put you here for this reason"..in my early reluctance for personal reasons.

Once I accepted it the message just came clearer than day for me....like fog horns and being wacked with a sign...:/....Him and My humorous relationship. I hardly find it coincidence the people I come across in my life since that point..it was either people who I was either to help or learn something about myself from. I like to think that my gift is understanding.....information is one of the most powerful tools in this world...it can lead to many outcomes...but for the sake of pursuing wisdom the most powerful resource is understanding. It allows you to sense the spirit of someone, to fully see a situation, and more. BUT the thing is you have to intentionally sit down, stop yourself, and decide to find understanding I suppose. (there is a lot wierd things about me lol)

Its what I do for everyone I meet thats closest to me. That combined with what I do naturally can be a struggle sometimes...but I don't mind.....yall are worth it. Ask me and I'll tell you why..

The hardest thing is when you understand someone on a destructive path and want to help them but they won't let you. You want to be there for them but they won't let you...so your forced with understanding to watch them destroy themselves...yet your there at any moment for them...sometimes they come out all right...many times you watch what makes them so wonderful/unique/and a blessing get destroyed...then they carry on into the negatives of this world.

but again I've never been put where I never needed to be..and a lot of the times i'm built for the more severe........but one day I'll find Peace ;P ..reaching into the dark parts of my associates, friends, and family's conflictions when they're at their lowest or isolated themselves...and pulling them out.....my father would say you know .....that could be Satan.......but I know my God...I know my Spirit and relationship with him...and I know I'm still alive ....and I've seen the positives of my actions..you could say...so to me it can't be (then again there have been a few but God had me then I'm sure). Sometimes what I do is noticed sometimes its not.....but either is fine as long as you're okay. so I roll up my sleeves, dust off my pants, and keep moving.

Just to name a few of my right time moments….

1. I've stopped bloods from a misinterpretation and assaulting an unaware friend...that was fun :/

2. An accident where a car gets t-boned and a mom panics as the dashboard sits on her childs chest....glad they’re okay now

3. Stopped potential suicide over relationships and other things...

4. A friend of a friend collapses in sheer emotional distress to the point her life is at risk…the power of emotion.

5. A person former military who past the point alcohol poisoning, tripping after being slipped something, and allergic reaction...keeping him alive and well….my jaw hurt after that one…ever carried someone down long streets in Austin and they have flashbacks and start hitting you…yea :/ didn’t think so

6. Family abandonment of associates and friends…heavy dark place.

7. Stopping a crazy Ex threatening to kill themself and the girl if they break up…yea that was fun too…

8. Multiple thwarting of muggings, potential rapes, and assaults

9. Battles of self worth…those are long battles…..but I stick with them till the end.

10.Looking over someone all night who may have cocktailed themselves while no one was around.

11. Lost in direction in life and can’t tell enemy from ally and theres more but…that’s enough… just another day…I guess …..to quote an associate “I look like an EMT for life don’t I?” hahaha....and by no means do I intend to work in social work lol

Again…I may find peace later lol but I do what I do best for now……but it all sounds crazy right?....hard to believe huh?...its true...I've done all these things..I just don't brag...its not necessary and talking on it makes me sound crazy or cocky to some. Plus I don't brag on peoples darkest moments...they trust me....and I respect them and intentionally uphold that trust...

It might be one reason why I find it difficult to match with people relationship wise…I know few who would understand and tolerate this world…….more or less tell me to abandon them….but that’s the thing…..I always am there when everyone else abandons them….but HEEY!! who knows I MIGHT find someone the opposite of that lol or maybe if that happens I might just find peace and not have to do all that…and focus on ONLY my own (always undercontrol by the way..not like I'm not already) and a new route for others…….I’m not really getting hopes up there :/…the message is that clear haha and I think God is probably giving me the stare down…….but HEEEY...in the mean time woof…The lone mutt roams haha lol

But again I’m always there……….the right time…..the right place………for someone else……if you know me and struggling…if you look to your side….you’ll find I’m there…and never left. I’m sure there is more people who are like me somewhere… So if you ever get the thought that no one cares about you or others…remember at least me and that there are those like me out there.
The world may not give a care…..but I do

..and I also feel that sometimes even YOU are put somewhere for a purpose to learn or to teach when it comes to new and old people. Think.....ever found a time where it was you pulling someone out and it was clear they were in a heavy struggle?

If you think this is arrogance….no……..check your spirit….stop yourself and understand…..if you’ve met me….you’ll know its not in the back of your mind even though you for some forsaken reason want to invalidate me….…if you’ve interacted and stuck with me…my actions have spoke volumes and shown time and time again…IF you recall CORRECTLY….my actions mean more to me then anything said of me or from me…the world may say ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS….but I live it more than most I know honestly and with no regrets…...and you can try and give me a description for what I am…..I’ve occasionally been described as a good man…..and jokingly a guardian angel....but that’s all subject to your personal perceptions which I leave to you humbly…..so at the end of the day in my mind……….I’m just a guy….but in the right place…at the right time….you know the rest.


P.S.- I wouldn't want to be famous if it would stop me from doing what I do best. I really put this out there so you know that there are people like me that exist in this world where they persuade themselves that we don't.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chivalry is it REALLY dead........and why is the Equipment so Heavy?

Pardon the length...its one of my favorite topics..but bare with it please :)

Hmmmmm ...is... chivalry... dead and why is the equipment so heavy? Welp lets start off by first answering the question I guess..Now remember this only based on my adventures and maybe a few other people I know lol

NOOOOPE. Dead in some areas,endangered in other areas, modified by a few but alive. I bet you know at least 2 guys who can testify as examples.......you know the "ALL men are jerks......well except him *point*" guy haha..yea him...he could
be your friend or that random guy..."the one you say "I wish more guys were like you" to his face....yea that guy... ooooo slap (inside joke)

Well if refering to the whole Knight in shining armor...back then it was really heavy enforced responsibility demanded and expected of men to provide, protect, and aid to whomever....now its more or less heavy for another reason.
.....doing it well enough to be noticed or not and not misinterpreted or taken for granted and be genuine about it...and amongst that basically avoid a lawsuit and picket signs at your doorstep in todays confusion of things. :P

To be Chivalrous is defined as marked by honor, generosity, and courtesy. Also marked by gracious courtesy and HIGH-MINDED consideration especially to women.....did you catch it? :P

That high minded thing is double edged sword. SOME act under arrogance....but OTHERS use it in sense of high ambition and emphasized importance to and of women.
One negative and one positive..if read that way....now for the men reading this well thats your call on which one you choose..to each his own path. I know my ways of doing things due to my upbringing. My personal suggestion is be chivalrous but not
chauvinistic ;P you'll go far in its preservation...but again there is a challenge in public perceptions....anyway....

The arrogant ones usually belong in a sexual harassment and self help class......the ones who aren't and mean it in respect and authenticity......(pause)....usually end up in that class with them as well ...by mistake.....just saying...>_< we hate them too....woohoo fun :/

Well into todays POST INDEPENDENCE lets take only care of ourselves society its very hard to keep its good origins. Of course the independence issue comes from various things...dead beats, circumstances, etc. ..This I know very well everyone has their reasons for boldly flaunting the independence card or in the words of a friend the "I DON'T NEED YOU BADGE".

Many times (not all) chivalry is taken away by the over usage of the independence card by themselves or partner ...that its practically a get out of jail free card......"YAAAY I DON'T REALLY HAVE TO DO IT ANYMORE!...or thats how it feels"...its aaaaall in the psychology/psychobabble lol

I think at some point its origins lay within the concepts of provision. By removing/losing arrogantly the often ingrained need and ambition to provide...
you may lose its foundation....and for a lot of men today...that training for it isn't really as prominant anymore...and media isn't really doing to much there in helping...for obvious reasons :P ..and the friends around us are in the same boat usually so voice of reason...noooot so much there.....better shot at the Prom scenario.. where the people around you are coxing you to take a girl and do things with intent to get laid...rather then hey I want to take her for the mere fact that I like her so my actions are based on that...anything after that is que sera.

and in some situations weeeeeell....ee nvm not pertinent...hmm keep in mind chivalry can be bold and stern in approach its not passive if your thinking that its just more tactical now...the sweeping people off their feet.....or saving someones behind...but there is more opportunity and security for the sterness in the latter. haha...the other one might get you mased...I know people who can atest to it (T_T)

Now I will say aside from all this that I know quite a few chivalrous men....some stay low profile and others well they're just over looked because of all the new found standards and expectations and narrow mindedness..(thus the modified chivalry)
...a lot of the times they do chivalrous things and YOU DON'T EVEN REALIZE IT because you never see it that way but in truth anything they do to help you because they care falls under that category. Simple things, clean your car, run your errands, EVEN RUB your feet to alleviate pain, HECK EVEN buy you things you can use or enjoy and destress with that you otherwise wouldn't of thought of ...although always not the ideal purchase...yea we know the random comfort foods we will pay dearly for later for giving those to you haha *head down*. Just go easy on us we cared enough to do it and knew you would enjoy it (*I'm getting a mean mug from my friend right now who is a female....hey she knows its true*)

....but hey we ran out of dragons to slay so what are we to do? :P

but there is an array of things they do that YOU don't notice....sometimes they like it that way......sometimes they hope you notice.

In regards to women...they play an important role in mens lives as much as we do theirs..we balance each other...so respect between the two is due. They bring life into this world ......of course with a little help lol (My family would be technical here haha), they have their strengths that they excel better than that we cant as we do with them so when we're weak they're strong and vice versa, and..sometimes they just keep life interesting and awkwardly enjoyable/challenging...thats still questioned at times haha....so in my mind and upbringing.

I know that whomever females I encounter....I'm all about respect and have no underlying intents, no chauvinistic thoughts, nor hidden agendas........that being said

If I do something for you its because I mean it in kindness and want to do it. If I hold the door I just wanted to be nice....if you raise a fuss and say I'm being
an arrogant pig or a**.IIIII have no problems with letting the door go..and hopefully it doesn't hit you (i'm sure you caught the tone)...but apparently you want to show me that you got this haha. If I offer my seat..I'm just taking in consideration that you MIGHT want to sit...you may of had a long day or walk whatever...if you raise hell and think AGAIN that I'm being arrogant
...I'll gladly take my seat back as you complain about your feet hurting and how your heels dig into you or what not in discomfort...I'm not forcing you to do anything ..and respect your decision:P.. and if your all for standing well then by all means stand..I'm not hating.

In chivalrous encounters whether working, dating, interacting...its awkwardly funny yet its me really but... I know that you are well capable of doing your own thing (speaking to females..put the gun down and if your a dude...No :l)...go ahead
but I'm still going to do my best in respect to provide/assist and make life easier and safe...and maybe a little fun...as I would hope she does in return respectfully....I INSIST people to pursue their dreams and try and ASSIST you if possible because I care and mean it....

..and most likely...I'm one of those who modified chivalries. So you may not notice or you may notice what I do...its fine by me...just seek clarity if you wonder...I'd gladly tell you.. but hey...I'm just a guy

What do you think?

"This is just one of my favorite topics among many..I live what I say so I speak from MY experience."

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Got Friends? ...Don't mind if I do..

Apparently my social networks and friends are coming up with endless friend issues..and posting them constantly...some random, some philosophical, some in hypocrisy...some in confusion...some in happiness....its kind of funny...its like the theme of the week...:p

Do you're friendships today feel like your walking through a mine field??? :P

Hmmmm the power of friendship is a funny thing. Not to long ago I came across an old study that stated that friendships were at a heavy decline in the United States than other countries. More people found themselves closer to family (which YOU should be anyway) with little to no true social circle from them..apparently there was no sense of cohesion ...hmm talk about sheltered life ..I mean that sucks for well roundedness and even the concepts of fellowship don't you think?

hmmm...what could be the reasons for this? I mean could it be lack of trust (maybe) could it be the constant disconnection from things such as work or even technology to an extent (probably contributes)..or moooore ...these were some suggested in the study..

I mean despite brainfarts (twitter), arts and craft (myspace), facebook (Social GPS), texting (friendships on hold)...there is that easy ability to cut a chord without trying or even thinking of fighting for ones friendship....as result people lose way to easily it seems. A simple delete a simple non response, block etc....its to easy I tell ya :P...its actually just high school BS all over again...just in digital form. Maaan were we sporadic and unreliable back then :P not to diss the younger audience its something I'm sure you know and will grow from...

now from my own experiences and generations before me...although friends come and go....the strength is usually more complex, and flexible, yet more genuine with interaction. Older minds and life over time we learn that friends are capable of becoming anything since it really is a strength status of a relationship between people compiled of varied elements....unless you're refering to the pet principle..you know Man's best friend and metaphors..diamonds are girls best friend...but I digress.

...I've watched friends become enemies, friends become associates, friends stay plutonic, friends marry (Geez can I count the marriages there...love the hors d'oeuvres by the way ), friends become best friends, friends who are soulmates, and friends with benefits, friends who bounce around on status....etc....ee...you know what?...really you get the idea...any more just use wikipedia I'm sure they have plenty out there...

I think a good measurement of the strength of friendship is its ability to get back to ground zero especially through understanding and seeking clarity....I've got three REALLY good friends, Whom I wont disclose, who God knows have been friends starting off, dated later at some point I'm sure, thrown each other under buses, pushed each other in front of trains, fought, and experienced constant foot in mouth syndrome (hope you realize I'm speaking in metaphors by now)...but at the end of a long trial of conflict(few days, months, sometimes a year)...they always manage to get back to ground zero......but they put their pride (evil isolator) aside... sometimes with a little help :P...then they rebuild after understanding each others strengths and weaknesses and seeking clarity in the conflict...they're going on 6 plus years maybe by now..:P..that my friend is a heck of friendship.

with this ONE example of many I have...a friendship can be what you make them to become and if its true people will fight for that which they care about...and nothing except betrayal, strong lies, even physical harm can truly test them...

NOW WOOOOW WOW wow don't think I'm saying go do these things to test yours...........thats just stupid....anyway....

...but I guess many people these days live holding a knife to their friendship ties just waiting for anything in paranoia....I think we may hold little faith but high fears in our own personal friendships thanks to the common thoughts and fears (groupthink)..or maybe its an elitest mentality..who knows....ee I know I fight for mine...and you have to really have been a threat for me to cut....but usually it depends on all involved...so I at least do my part its up to them from there..all this falls under maturity and experience....we either live by the mistakes, thoughts, and answers of others...or we create our own thoughts and solutions for better.....and I still hope for that small percent to grow and change that study....but hey I'm just a guy. :)

what are your thoughts?

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I'm not going to take to much of your time but I would like to welcome you to one world of many. It could be said that our experiences define us and in todays world there are a lot of experiences and outlooks. This is one of many. I hope to challenge you to think, I hope you enjoy, and hope you engage. In a world of group think, common sense, common knowledge....will you think for yourself and will you stand by your actions. We will also get a couple good laughs in too I'm sure. I strive to provide variety....but remember I only speak from my experiences and findings so I speak for myself...I sometimes will seek others experiences and will show you them but I can only speak for me......welp let the journey begin....