Monday, September 20, 2010

Being Mad Ain't so Bad Ladies ;)

I love you all lol Sometimes I act confused or step back just to see you express that "abundance" of confidence. Sometimes it's sexy.....and sometimes it's funny. BUT if you come at me all HIGH and MIGHTY, just know that I am listening.....but when its all said in done you can't control me without a fight....but I'm sure someone MIGHT be able to inspire me can try lol...this fella offers that challenge openly.....but hey ..all in all you're sexy when your angry.....well most.......some of you are just funny. I won't instigate it. I just enjoy it for what it's worth and I still got you covered in the end ;)

If a woman comes to you in frustration about you whether legitimate or not. Listen and take the essentials. Make sure you do more than just a head knod, and uh huh, and don't give that buffering look on your face you do between us guys. haha Do at least something at minimal that addresses that essential problem...It will show her that you listened.....but this doesn't mean be walked on a leash either but you'll go far.

Well this gentlemen has to get back to work on his future. I've got to keep this party going.



  1. LOL!!!
    My response to women:
    if he always has a buffering look, and can effectively multi-task while you're venting to him...STOP!! take inventory: are you constructively venting or bitching? then if you know you aren't being a nag, and he's clearly not paying any attention to you...abruptly shut your mouth and walk away realizing he doesn't really care if he's not engaged with you. But if his reaction is sincere and even if its 'not what you expected' -because ladies you know that we blow stuff out of proportion when his reaction doesn't match what we planned in our heads- realize his reaction is honest and genuine and he's trying to do SOMETHING to ease your frustrations.
    And please don't immediately feel like you've gained control over him because he was loving and nice to you.

  2. Aalyciah I always appreciate your feedback lol