Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"I CAN'T HANDLE ALL THIS #%^$#&!!!!"

How old are you? Yes you can handle this #^$%#$. You've been handling it for THAT many years! :P I think you're doing alright. Reality isn't so bad if you know what to do with it and with what you have. But I think to many are getting too wrapped up in getting stuck on the little parts that seem difficult of this game and wanting to throw the controller here or mad because they can't do it like others are playing it or with what others are playing with. Do you, perfect YOUR skill, advance your levels.....heck you might get the princess and bonus hahahaha (metaphor or not)..NERD JOKE......just stop giving up, and stressing on little things, or believing in one way to play in life, love, and the pursuit of whatever(both genders), and in everyday or routine task and only get one life so live YOURS...sorry no extras...Save your quarters it will come in handy.....and lay off the mushrooms:P A little stress is good for you.....but no sense in being stressed out about it.


p.s.---there sure is a lot of Mario Bros. metaphors in this....

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