Thursday, September 23, 2010

What Kind of Woman Catches My Eye? hmm

Hmm what is my criteria for the perfect girl..........hmmm ;/

Honestly I really don't have any real superficial criteria for women. I always jokingly say as long as she isn't crazy......but I mean more in a don't key my car just because your mad or burn down the house crazy. lol

Truth be told, I like all women for the individual qualities respectively. Each lovely lady has their own "customized" style, lingo, walk, interest, smell, softness, etc. Sometimes they can overlap with others and some combinations work and some don't. So in my mind that means, no matter the relationship, each has its on different vibe and chemistry again no sense in comparing...vice versa ladies in regards to men...... but if I had to look at some high points of interest that normally catch my eye.....hmmm let me think about it. ....

1. In the words of Andre 3000 ...Nothings more attractive than a heaven praying woman ;)
2. Honestly I love any woman who can hold a witty and humorous conversation. That kind of girl inspires me and offers a little fun competition
3. I like a woman who knows how to cook...I love cooking and do so a lot myself...I figure a little culinary quality time ahead ;)
4. I like a woman who takes care of her health....for herself mainly and if she does for me...I appreciate it....although I will say I think I'm a legs man ;).....just saying that next to eyes the legs do tend to grab my attention.
5. Knows how to dress up is definitely sexy (any man can testify to this at some point)'ll make this man lose his speech, swallow his ego, and forget what happened the rest of the day...Don't get me started on when you walk ;)
6. Knows somewhat when she is going a little too far in moments of conflict
7. Selfless before selfish (take care of you and take care of others)
8. Ambitious and follows her aspirations
9. Team player and open minded...I can't stress that enough
10. Intellectual meaning she is willing to think things through....this is very rare and important. Also her knowledge ventures into areas I have yet to go myself. Someone I too can learn from.

really most of it comes down to mental actions being in sync with the physical actions and If she has my back then I have hers. She is who she is and I am who I am and we come together to do something greater than ourselves. I'm a simple man who handles the complexities of life ...aka Just a guy. ;) but it doesn't hurt to have an ally in those complexities.

Truthfully whether I find all these things in one package or not.....I'm fine with what God has in store for me. He's always given me what I needed and its kept me from being self centered, greedy, nor Judgemental and I'm happy to this day. As I've said before that I'm self sufficient but I'll admit I'm incomplete but happy either way. I'm confident in my abilities as a man and how I've lived life thus far, but as all men, I have my rough edges at parts that really man can only learn from a woman and vice versa. That 2 become 1 is a funny thing..........thus the He who finds a wife finds a good thing (Proverbs 18:22) the fairy tale and perfection lives in that....

See I'm a guy who has to focus on various vast details in my life, others life, and work, at times I'm a workaholic in my efforts to do my best for all and myself and will admit that, a perfectionist at times which means I become dedicated to my efforts and all the intricate parts. So I know that the type of girl I need most probably will be capable of pulling me out of that and saying hey "enjoy life a bit and breath" and when I fall ill with myself and with others be more or less the medicine to my mind. She'll be my strength when I'm weak and the weakness to my strengths (vital) and vice versa. I guess thats what they mean when they say "shes the air I breath" she revitalizes being that break from the world you constantly keep having to fight to prove yourself as a man among the follies and survive as you come up for air. She may also be the unknowing inspiration as to why I pursue improving myself....even now as she doesn't exist lol. Men change for women undoubtedly if they love them so no doubt I probably will too should that happen and hopefully for the best.

I have no problems holding hands in public or really any PDA. I'm a man and comfortable with who I am and my responsibilities. I was raised monogamous, chivalrous, faithful, and responsible. So I know where I stand no matter what with whomever she may be. Truly I know that every relationship has its own chemistry and purpose and unless I engage in it with full appreciation I won't find what I'm looking for and more or less get in my own way as do many men and women. I've babbled enough. I got a concert going on in the back and I have to finish packing....but all in all. Beautiful ladies keep doing your thing and stay sexy and to that special lady if she exist maybe we'll meet up in the future.


P.S. This was inspired by constant conversations with my female coworkers trying to figure out what kind of woman best suits me lol.......I'm starting realize that most my staff at both jobs are predominately women with me and another guy if I'm lucky.....I detect a vast plot some where lol

Monday, September 20, 2010

Being Mad Ain't so Bad Ladies ;)

I love you all lol Sometimes I act confused or step back just to see you express that "abundance" of confidence. Sometimes it's sexy.....and sometimes it's funny. BUT if you come at me all HIGH and MIGHTY, just know that I am listening.....but when its all said in done you can't control me without a fight....but I'm sure someone MIGHT be able to inspire me can try lol...this fella offers that challenge openly.....but hey ..all in all you're sexy when your angry.....well most.......some of you are just funny. I won't instigate it. I just enjoy it for what it's worth and I still got you covered in the end ;)

If a woman comes to you in frustration about you whether legitimate or not. Listen and take the essentials. Make sure you do more than just a head knod, and uh huh, and don't give that buffering look on your face you do between us guys. haha Do at least something at minimal that addresses that essential problem...It will show her that you listened.....but this doesn't mean be walked on a leash either but you'll go far.

Well this gentlemen has to get back to work on his future. I've got to keep this party going.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"I CAN'T HANDLE ALL THIS #%^$#&!!!!"

How old are you? Yes you can handle this #^$%#$. You've been handling it for THAT many years! :P I think you're doing alright. Reality isn't so bad if you know what to do with it and with what you have. But I think to many are getting too wrapped up in getting stuck on the little parts that seem difficult of this game and wanting to throw the controller here or mad because they can't do it like others are playing it or with what others are playing with. Do you, perfect YOUR skill, advance your levels.....heck you might get the princess and bonus hahahaha (metaphor or not)..NERD JOKE......just stop giving up, and stressing on little things, or believing in one way to play in life, love, and the pursuit of whatever(both genders), and in everyday or routine task and only get one life so live YOURS...sorry no extras...Save your quarters it will come in handy.....and lay off the mushrooms:P A little stress is good for you.....but no sense in being stressed out about it.


p.s.---there sure is a lot of Mario Bros. metaphors in this....

Monday, September 13, 2010

The footsteps we leave.....

wow ...I've helped a lot of people in my life thus far... Some still don't even know it or in what way. That is the best part. It's when you leave footsteps in ones' life and you see it at work even when they never notice. It's always a good feeling since you don't want or have to brag, the result is the reward. Our actions will always speak louder and be a testament to our character. Thank you....I'd do it again in a heart beat for them. :) I have confidence in what I do but I never let pride ruin a good thing. If life ran on karma I must be doing something good God. Alright tomorrow what do you have in store for me?....No matter what I'll do my best.


Hebrews 10:24-25

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Man to Man #1: Man up

To each man his own path, his choice of rules, values, morals, actions, etc. I've said this plenty times throughout my life. I can only speak for me. There are areas I may overlap with other men but the path I choose to follow is one customized by me and guided by the man upstairs in personal relationship. I can't really speak for women ...for obvious reasons...I'm just a guy lol :P They have their own set of rules to apply to themselves individually....

As for me these are just the criteria and rules I uphold to myself.

1. If you start something, then always try to finish it. You've committed to something and the only thing that should stop that is if it jeopardizes integrity or life and nature taking its course....some things naturally remain incomplete when its beyond your control....aggrivating yes it is at times but overall try to get things done.

2. Do your best. Even in the littlest of task give 100 percent. If you multitask put 100 percent of your best ability at anytime in what you do.

3. Accept that you aren't perfect, that your human but be willing to grow from that. Trial and error, lifes lessons, words of wisdom, the woman in your life these things open opportunities to be complete.

4. Be content with what you have but always strive to do better. Work with what you have accessible to acquire more. Be ambitious but don't become greedy it doesn't work well for your life in quality.

5. Take charge and responsibility when its necessary in your work ethic, your relationships, and conflicts. Call it an alpha male principle but in time you'll understand. Take care of the things you care about.

6. Elevate yourself and those around you

7. Respect the opposite sex (and hopefully they do the same :P). They are 1/2 of what brought you into this world. Your incomplete without them....eventually you might want/need that rib back in your life (bible reference) :P. Know that they can be one of your greatest allies, confidante, your strength, and medicine the rest don't get to much into that world....accept them for their strengths and weaknesses as they hopefully do you....or... if they do accept yours in todays world :/.....if not.. the dog usually will and compensates that area (mans best friend haha)...but all in all you are the worlds two greatest puzzle pieces. Get the picture? :P

8. Know that you're going to have to get your hands dirty (meaning work hard) in almost everything in order to be a a man of God (or whatever faith YOU follow..this is mine), good provider, Good worker, a good father, a good man, a good friend, a good lover (yea I said love..and er aaand?), a good example, a good anything for that matter. It's never easy but its never too hard either. Also to achieve or obtain most things. Work to be better than you were yesterday.

9. You're probably outnumbered by the sheer numbers of male idiots..flawed individuals in certain areas around you that may jack things up for you.......don't judge them but help them. (As iron sharpens iron) Also accept that your probably going to occasionally pay for their mistakes unintentionally by the people around you who had a bad experience with bad apple as they say...but man up an prove that you aren't one of those individuals.

10. Come in with a plan and improvise on the unexpected until you can get something consistent...don't wait on ideal conditions.

All in all suck it up take responsibility... BE A got things to do and a life to live..okay okay.... Take the occasional breather to "stop and smell the roses"......smh...grow some (deep voice)...but also go smell the aroma of a football field or something around blood, sweat, and maybe tears...OF VICTORY! haha by your own rules... BE a MAN...


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm sufficient but I'll admit that I'm incomplete we all are.

"I like a woman with selfless ambition who challenges me to do better in a way that she doesn't realize it.....and what makes her priceless is that we invest in each other so therefore we invest in us even in differences." [2001]

these type of women always grab my attention.....I appreciate their existence. Especially since its usually what I need. I found one of my old quotes....just thought I'd share.

Neither side is perfect and neither will find a whole package of what they want in the other...but the fact that they come together makes them whole and a perfect fit...especially as they begin something better than themselves alone without comparison......we were not created simple-'mindedly...

Fundamentally the two can't live without each other......function..

These words include physically, mentally, and spiritually. We develop each iron sharpens iron........if we were perfect coming in.. we most often might take it for granted so the perfection lives in us working towards developing together....thus the 2 become 1..... This is the wonders of any 2 coming together....what they make of it as they move together....the possibilities are endless.

One can only hope that confusion, simple mindedness, or narrow thoughts will not be the destruction of something wonderfully made when you let it take its course in full appreciation. Well, I'm going back to taking care of business too many slackers with no work ethic out here....


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taking The Time to Thank you

I just wanted to take some time out and just really dedicate this to my parents mainly and a few older wiser minds. I have to thank them as I look around at the things they prepared me for and the things I see many struggling with.

By the time I was 12 I was able to cook, clean (till sterile as a hospital), and iron for myself. By the age of 14 basically save and understand finances and responsibility. Heck at age 8 I was already doing chores and beyond. Other things...well I could debate were too early to learn but as my father has repeatedly said, " prepared you didn't it?".........although you could of waited a while longer on some but thank you anyway. By time I was 15 you had taught me in and outs of credit cards, loans, bills, and insurance..of course under some rather creative tactics ....which required me to be even more tactical to thank you :P I think I've been playing the bills game all my bills don't worry me. You also taught me how to not limit my options and be content and from there build on that for better.....that kept me from being greedy and provided me a lot of opportunties thanks to that lesson. I know I didn't make it easy for you..

All in all thank you most of all among the other older and wisers who taught me self sufficiency, maturity, priority, humility, work ethic, several life lessons early, and open mindedness in the most creative of manners as expected. :P I hope to do the same for my own if that opportunity arises anytime in the future :P.....This blog is to you....


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Updates and perspective

no philosophies no observations today.......just wanted to update you

Past couple days I've been putting myself through hell for physical training....I like the challenge and I have goal in mind. You only have one body in this world so best live it at its peek with fewer health you can fully do what it is that you want to do....Plus I have a goal in mind and need to be in good health. Mind, body, and spirit take care of them and they will take care of you...

At the same time I've been doing quite a bit of networking and shaking hands and putting things in play hopefully for the benefit of myself, others, and those I network with. Job opportunities, training options, financial help, etc.....Just helping others while I get my stuff straight. A lot of my friends have dreams that I know about..........and Hope they succeed so I try and help while I pursue my own. Its been worthwhile in effort. I'm rather thankful to have a very diverse network that has allowed me to see various viewpoints of life and get understanding of them and a clearer picture of whats true and whats not...fruitful since it seems I'm friends with the exceptions to the many rules we put out there....and this has helped me help others as I intentionally seek understanding. So As you elevate......elevate those around you.."as iron sharpens one man to another."

Soon going to read a book titled Wild at Heart........this book has sparked up quite a bit of religious controversy but I hear its intents are not of the sort. Its apparently about the role and mentality of man (males) and its changes from what it was to what it is. The rumor is its crossing one of my pet peeves or religious verses but I have to read it before i draw that conclusion.....I mean i'm more or less looking for the becomes a peeve when people use it the wrong way or wrong one in a aggressive misguided attempt like judging or retaliating or justifying something not complete....but if its a good intent without might not cross my peeve line....we'll see. I'll enjoy it among the other training guides I'm doing.......I'm looking at starting the MCAT bus again......

I think a quiet storm is brewing in a couple of my friends lives....I see signs of it coming..and I know they're going to need a good reliable friend when it rears its ugly head.......for now I'm just sitting and watching as I handle my business. I've got little to no worries on my end.

Aside from that.........I'm organizing, planning, working hard, and having a little fun :)

by the way seek every opportunity to resume skill build if your not in the career of your choice.

all in all.......if life ran on karma......I must be doing something right these past years

I think my next real perspective blog will be on the evolution of like......regarding how we as males changed over time in how we liked the opposite sex and how we went about it.....mainly because its interesting and I haven't really formulated a real opinion towards it since to each man his own path...we'll see..I might save it for always I'm just a guy...