Sunday, December 6, 2015

Do you believe that people can change?

Yes I do really. Just not always with the immediacy we’re expecting and some people really don’t change at all. It's kind of why I call myself an adaptive realist. Anyway, Some people get set or comfortable in their routine because it’s what they have developed from consist experience and to do anything different is an uncomfortable change (and you know how much people like visible change. *sarcasm*). Yet-those unchanging special cases aside- with patience and a bit of tolerence a person can observe people changing all the time. It’s called aging, growth, health, changing environment or social circles, or anything that normally shapes us over time in behavior.
As a person lives life how they experience it and continue to learn from it, they contine to change. This overtime change creates a natural hypocrisy. Anything we say or believe now, if we learn from a change or new experience, we may decide to do differently. As a result, we contradict our earlier beliefs and actions. Change is inevitable if we are learning. Hypocrisy is inevitable because of change but in a frustrating but healthy way.
It’s when we choose to stop learning and stop understanding that we grow too comfortable in our ways and take a standard or assuming approach to a changing world, that we fall into a unhealthy hypocrisy. We see and want the benefits of a natural change but do actions the opposite of what would support those benefits being created. That hypocrisy breeds unhealthy conflict when we choose to stop learning, stop seeking understanding, and grow too comfortable in our current ways. We stop changing. Pride in our knowledge takes over instead of wisdom through constant improvement of application. We lose the opportunity and benefits of wisdom- The application of better understanding that brings benefits.
So do people change? Yes they do, but you have to stick around to see it and that takes patience and some tolerance for the difficult moments. A lot of people dont have that patience so they may believe change to be impossible but “As iron sharpens iron so does one person to another.”
It takes a lot of time and energy for some people to change. Sometimes apart and we miss seeing the change but that may be necessary for some cases willing to learn. My disclaimer is– again–that not all people change though. To say they all do would be standardizing the human condition. Something life won’t let you do–but people will try to standardize. I know I've changed though and that's all I can account for...I constantly put myself under construction as are we all.

Pardon any grammar mistakes. Feel free to message me any changes. I'm working on that.