Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I just find it funny....

Things I just find funny

I find it funny that people spend and waste a lot of time trying to hide things from each other.....and then don't realize that many tell on themselves and just don't realize it.

I find it funny how a guy who really likes a girl goes from 60 to zero in intelligence when she goes into the room.....yet has a 50 percent shot at attracting her that way...He either seems "cute" in her mind....or "special".

I find it funny when it is chaotic I'm the calm one........and when its calm apparently I'm the chaotic one........I like to think I'm just in the middle

I find it funny........the youth of a child.......when they aspire to act grown up and when you see grown ups....they aspire to grow down....

I find it funny that when they say there is always someone crazy enough to do it (getting the job done of course)......everyone looks at me...

I find it funny that a majority of us speak in code........we're either like double agents or really just suck at finding the accurate words to say things.

I find IT really IT seems versatile..........$%@#$# IT....everything in ITself....It seems....You know IT..etc

I just find it funny......along with a few other things


Thursday, November 4, 2010

To meet or NOT to meet....that is the question...:\

To Meet or Not to Meet? That is the question...whether it is safer to the mind to have never socialized in such ways as this.....well you get the shakespearean drift

You know at some point your going to find yourself in one of those meetings where about 10 minutes into it your pondering the important issue to be discussed But theeeeeen you trail off into vague thoughts of your to do list, a past conversation, that hot girl or guy you saw, and eventually ending on contemplating the meaning of life and your role in it....:\

Point being its one of those meetings that can't seem to stay on task but more in a way that isn't entertaining but more mind numbing to the point you suffer from Charlie Brown syndrome over the lead speaker.

"womp Wawomp womp...and today's project womp wawomp womp womp"

So you begin to fiddle with your phone (as you cleverly hide it from plane sight of course) checking your facebooks..."twit"ters...and insert whatever guilty pleasure you combat the high mind numbage that is the constant monotone speech, excruciating pain (with maybe the only thing rivaling it being LABOR PAINS as described by a friend) of unthought out statements and BS excuses, and the vile fatality to your sanity being what you hear and think might be an attempt at a "Pep talk" to boost morale....but you're not quite sure....

at the may find that nothing was accomplished........literally.....okay maybe not may have accomplished wasting 15-60 minutes till your lunch or break...thus making your day go by faster.....but you wonder why you were there to begin with....or who you screwed in the cycle of Karma to end up there.....

then again..........maybe you're one of the luckies and got the exciting meeting with cake, cookies, punch, and jokes.......GOD BLESS YOU!.....Either way I think we all experience the first one at least once in our life...........only thing I can say is........CHEERS to you Mr./Mrs there is 15-to whatever minutes of my life I will never get back!!! This cold one is for you.

"United we stand there, Divided we might actually get more done in some cases"


Monday, November 1, 2010

New Ball Game

Normally I post a humorous picture but not today. I've spent the past couple of months in intense workouts as well as of course as my last post said keeping rather busy for myself and others. At the same time improving. Mind, Body, and Soul.

Its funny to review my past to a certain extent. I've been blessed with a rather diverse network so life never gets old and boring for me but it reminds me of all the lessons I've learned and all the things I've come to appreciate that got me through a lot of things.

Now I'm still focused as ever on creating the best future I can and have a little fun along the way.

I still plan to travel national and hopefully international one day, I still plan to put out an entertainment project, I have some community development ideas in the works, expand further in cooking and career, and of course I still, and this will never leave, plan on representing the things I want to see in this world. I've got a purpose to serve. I'm there for who needs me along the way whether seen or unseen (Matthew 6:4). A lot of things have clicked for me..I'm about to play a new ball game.......stay tuned