Monday, November 1, 2010

New Ball Game

Normally I post a humorous picture but not today. I've spent the past couple of months in intense workouts as well as of course as my last post said keeping rather busy for myself and others. At the same time improving. Mind, Body, and Soul.

Its funny to review my past to a certain extent. I've been blessed with a rather diverse network so life never gets old and boring for me but it reminds me of all the lessons I've learned and all the things I've come to appreciate that got me through a lot of things.

Now I'm still focused as ever on creating the best future I can and have a little fun along the way.

I still plan to travel national and hopefully international one day, I still plan to put out an entertainment project, I have some community development ideas in the works, expand further in cooking and career, and of course I still, and this will never leave, plan on representing the things I want to see in this world. I've got a purpose to serve. I'm there for who needs me along the way whether seen or unseen (Matthew 6:4). A lot of things have clicked for me..I'm about to play a new ball game.......stay tuned

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