Sunday, September 5, 2010

Updates and perspective

no philosophies no observations today.......just wanted to update you

Past couple days I've been putting myself through hell for physical training....I like the challenge and I have goal in mind. You only have one body in this world so best live it at its peek with fewer health you can fully do what it is that you want to do....Plus I have a goal in mind and need to be in good health. Mind, body, and spirit take care of them and they will take care of you...

At the same time I've been doing quite a bit of networking and shaking hands and putting things in play hopefully for the benefit of myself, others, and those I network with. Job opportunities, training options, financial help, etc.....Just helping others while I get my stuff straight. A lot of my friends have dreams that I know about..........and Hope they succeed so I try and help while I pursue my own. Its been worthwhile in effort. I'm rather thankful to have a very diverse network that has allowed me to see various viewpoints of life and get understanding of them and a clearer picture of whats true and whats not...fruitful since it seems I'm friends with the exceptions to the many rules we put out there....and this has helped me help others as I intentionally seek understanding. So As you elevate......elevate those around you.."as iron sharpens one man to another."

Soon going to read a book titled Wild at Heart........this book has sparked up quite a bit of religious controversy but I hear its intents are not of the sort. Its apparently about the role and mentality of man (males) and its changes from what it was to what it is. The rumor is its crossing one of my pet peeves or religious verses but I have to read it before i draw that conclusion.....I mean i'm more or less looking for the becomes a peeve when people use it the wrong way or wrong one in a aggressive misguided attempt like judging or retaliating or justifying something not complete....but if its a good intent without might not cross my peeve line....we'll see. I'll enjoy it among the other training guides I'm doing.......I'm looking at starting the MCAT bus again......

I think a quiet storm is brewing in a couple of my friends lives....I see signs of it coming..and I know they're going to need a good reliable friend when it rears its ugly head.......for now I'm just sitting and watching as I handle my business. I've got little to no worries on my end.

Aside from that.........I'm organizing, planning, working hard, and having a little fun :)

by the way seek every opportunity to resume skill build if your not in the career of your choice.

all in all.......if life ran on karma......I must be doing something right these past years

I think my next real perspective blog will be on the evolution of like......regarding how we as males changed over time in how we liked the opposite sex and how we went about it.....mainly because its interesting and I haven't really formulated a real opinion towards it since to each man his own path...we'll see..I might save it for always I'm just a guy...



  1. where's the evolution of like? b/c i think i've got a counter for it saved in my drafts!!

  2. hahahaha I haven't quite found the timing to create it lol