Saturday, August 28, 2010

The ability to change minds and change hearts....

First thats not me in the picture lol

I'm going to keep this shorter than normal....maybe lol

I live in a world where people predominately have the most negative of thoughts but the happiest of intents and goals.....their experiences often negative at times cause them to lose belief in their worthwhile ideals and ultimately in themselves......give or take some have grown just fatigued from battling for what they believe in or believe should be in this world...I've caught a few on my shoulders in that battle..many times I watch as they "hopefully" learn from the experiences what it is they need to do.......but many don't and with it often they leave it to someone else in hopes to install their beliefs. I hate seeing them when they get to that stage when it feels like they lost everything or crushed in what they believe...that look that they have to let go of something...when really its not like that...often they just don't understand yet...

I want people to represent what they believe should be in this world.

If you believe chivalry should be in this world be the chivalrous one

If you believe in True Love of a certain the one that creates and represents may not believe it but it can be found/created with'll understand that with time though...thats a long learning process. Every relationship is its own novel..and they too can be fairytales.

If you believe that the world needs more the one who can be the most trustworthy.

If you believe the friendships should be strong be the ones that prove long as you all involved have your heads screwed on...

Be the things you want to see in this world.....even if the world doesn't believe its possible....My God, my friends, my family, and myself have proven this...

several tell me no you can't change minds but...I know its possible to trigger change change hearts on vital things (love... don't force that if thats what you thinking on the heart thing..but don't limit yourself in that arena either).......its not easy but it is possible...I've done it myself...but it took one hell of a road to do it wasn't something grand scale that could make me a celebrity or something but something simple but not easy... So when I see some battle for theirs and grow fatigue I never want them to give I catch them on my shoulders occasionally right before they faint into that Certain things you do give up on particulars when you realize its truly unnecessary or unhealthy to life...but for the more essential you keep working at it to put it into existence....but you have to learn a few things to do so about yourself and others.

Your work ethic is you......without it nothing changes....and with it "Nothing" changes.

but hey again...I'm just a can believe me, you can criticize, and so forth. Tell me I don't understand or whatever really lol....BUT.. I just know what I know and have done...I know what I understand as opposed or in regards to you as a person or people. Spend a day in my world...its not elaborate or grand..but its okay for right now in experiences...but you will see and realize a lot of things......its not a normal path for many but its got a great view to see a lot of things in and about people.

I'm sure you've triggered a few changed minds unknowingly...hopefully for the better outcome. One of the many benefits to actions speaking louder than words........



  1. my living proverb: a.a.l.y.c.i.a.h.

    I love how you've put words to my unorganized, passing, aadhd thought processes.

    Again, you're either a complement or just my GA