Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Got Friends? ...Don't mind if I do..

Apparently my social networks and friends are coming up with endless friend issues..and posting them constantly...some random, some philosophical, some in hypocrisy...some in confusion...some in happiness....its kind of funny...its like the theme of the week...:p

Do you're friendships today feel like your walking through a mine field??? :P

Hmmmm the power of friendship is a funny thing. Not to long ago I came across an old study that stated that friendships were at a heavy decline in the United States than other countries. More people found themselves closer to family (which YOU should be anyway) with little to no true social circle from them..apparently there was no sense of cohesion ...hmm talk about sheltered life ..I mean that sucks for well roundedness and even the concepts of fellowship don't you think?

hmmm...what could be the reasons for this? I mean could it be lack of trust (maybe) could it be the constant disconnection from things such as work or even technology to an extent (probably contributes)..or moooore ...these were some suggested in the study..

I mean despite brainfarts (twitter), arts and craft (myspace), facebook (Social GPS), texting (friendships on hold)...there is that easy ability to cut a chord without trying or even thinking of fighting for ones friendship....as result people lose way to easily it seems. A simple delete a simple non response, block etc....its to easy I tell ya :P...its actually just high school BS all over again...just in digital form. Maaan were we sporadic and unreliable back then :P not to diss the younger audience its something I'm sure you know and will grow from...

now from my own experiences and generations before me...although friends come and go....the strength is usually more complex, and flexible, yet more genuine with interaction. Older minds and life over time we learn that friends are capable of becoming anything since it really is a strength status of a relationship between people compiled of varied elements....unless you're refering to the pet principle..you know Man's best friend and metaphors..diamonds are girls best friend...but I digress.

...I've watched friends become enemies, friends become associates, friends stay plutonic, friends marry (Geez can I count the marriages there...love the hors d'oeuvres by the way ), friends become best friends, friends who are soulmates, and friends with benefits, friends who bounce around on status....etc....ee...you know what?...really you get the idea...any more just use wikipedia I'm sure they have plenty out there...

I think a good measurement of the strength of friendship is its ability to get back to ground zero especially through understanding and seeking clarity....I've got three REALLY good friends, Whom I wont disclose, who God knows have been friends starting off, dated later at some point I'm sure, thrown each other under buses, pushed each other in front of trains, fought, and experienced constant foot in mouth syndrome (hope you realize I'm speaking in metaphors by now)...but at the end of a long trial of conflict(few days, months, sometimes a year)...they always manage to get back to ground zero......but they put their pride (evil isolator) aside... sometimes with a little help :P...then they rebuild after understanding each others strengths and weaknesses and seeking clarity in the conflict...they're going on 6 plus years maybe by now..:P..that my friend is a heck of friendship.

with this ONE example of many I have...a friendship can be what you make them to become and if its true people will fight for that which they care about...and nothing except betrayal, strong lies, even physical harm can truly test them...

NOW WOOOOW WOW wow don't think I'm saying go do these things to test yours...........thats just stupid....anyway....

...but I guess many people these days live holding a knife to their friendship ties just waiting for anything in paranoia....I think we may hold little faith but high fears in our own personal friendships thanks to the common thoughts and fears (groupthink)..or maybe its an elitest mentality..who knows....ee I know I fight for mine...and you have to really have been a threat for me to cut....but usually it depends on all involved...so I at least do my part its up to them from there..all this falls under maturity and experience....we either live by the mistakes, thoughts, and answers of others...or we create our own thoughts and solutions for better.....and I still hope for that small percent to grow and change that study....but hey I'm just a guy. :)

what are your thoughts?


  1. Another important thing to remember...on the roads in life your directions, goals, and whatnot are constantly changing causing you to be mentally able to latch to certain friends in certain circumstances...you tend to latch to the friends who can perhaps offer you some kind of understanding...understanding in some way, shape, or form is what each person craves...hence the friend choices. It is very, very, very rare to find a friend that can offer understanding in every aspect of your life... Just food for thought...

    Different levels of complexity in each friendship are to be expected for sure...a big problem in American culture these days is that friends are often taken for granted and thoughts of easy replaceability are high (just like electronics...for many, old friends are like a really old/slow moving computer..if you will, lol) In other countries they just live and keep life simple rather than feeling like they must make a show of everything...of course this is not the case for all Americans, but it may be a strong point indicating why so many ppl consider themselves 'friendless'...mabye they are the ones who are not appreciating the friends they do have, but just want more...more..more! lol Just food for thought....

    Ciao for now

  2. PS - Of course all friendships are give and take...some more give than take...but whether a lasting friendship or not you always learn something about yourself, your purpose in life, and life in general from each person you meet...whether it is a quick interaction or a long time of seeing eachother and helping eachother through life's struggles. You need to be the friend that you crave so that you can help bring out good qualities in the people you meet...in turn helping them grow as they help you...just like kindness is contagious so can friendship be...if it is meant to be a lasting one. Just more food for thought, lol!

  3. There is validity in your words and experience....Hopefully this doesn't fall on deaf ears....well eyes.....or a really crappy display screen....well you know what I mean? lol Hope your life is an exact representation of your beliefs :)