Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chivalry is it REALLY dead........and why is the Equipment so Heavy?

Pardon the length...its one of my favorite topics..but bare with it please :)

Hmmmmm ...is... chivalry... dead and why is the equipment so heavy? Welp lets start off by first answering the question I guess..Now remember this only based on my adventures and maybe a few other people I know lol

NOOOOPE. Dead in some areas,endangered in other areas, modified by a few but alive. I bet you know at least 2 guys who can testify as examples.......you know the "ALL men are jerks......well except him *point*" guy haha..yea him...he could
be your friend or that random guy..."the one you say "I wish more guys were like you" to his face....yea that guy... ooooo slap (inside joke)

Well if refering to the whole Knight in shining armor...back then it was really heavy enforced responsibility demanded and expected of men to provide, protect, and aid to whomever....now its more or less heavy for another reason.
.....doing it well enough to be noticed or not and not misinterpreted or taken for granted and be genuine about it...and amongst that basically avoid a lawsuit and picket signs at your doorstep in todays confusion of things. :P

To be Chivalrous is defined as marked by honor, generosity, and courtesy. Also marked by gracious courtesy and HIGH-MINDED consideration especially to women.....did you catch it? :P

That high minded thing is double edged sword. SOME act under arrogance....but OTHERS use it in sense of high ambition and emphasized importance to and of women.
One negative and one positive..if read that way....now for the men reading this well thats your call on which one you choose..to each his own path. I know my ways of doing things due to my upbringing. My personal suggestion is be chivalrous but not
chauvinistic ;P you'll go far in its preservation...but again there is a challenge in public perceptions....anyway....

The arrogant ones usually belong in a sexual harassment and self help class......the ones who aren't and mean it in respect and authenticity......(pause)....usually end up in that class with them as well ...by mistake.....just saying...>_< we hate them too....woohoo fun :/

Well into todays POST INDEPENDENCE lets take only care of ourselves society its very hard to keep its good origins. Of course the independence issue comes from various things...dead beats, circumstances, etc. ..This I know very well everyone has their reasons for boldly flaunting the independence card or in the words of a friend the "I DON'T NEED YOU BADGE".

Many times (not all) chivalry is taken away by the over usage of the independence card by themselves or partner ...that its practically a get out of jail free card......"YAAAY I DON'T REALLY HAVE TO DO IT ANYMORE!...or thats how it feels"...its aaaaall in the psychology/psychobabble lol

I think at some point its origins lay within the concepts of provision. By removing/losing arrogantly the often ingrained need and ambition to provide...
you may lose its foundation....and for a lot of men today...that training for it isn't really as prominant anymore...and media isn't really doing to much there in helping...for obvious reasons :P ..and the friends around us are in the same boat usually so voice of reason...noooot so much there.....better shot at the Prom scenario.. where the people around you are coxing you to take a girl and do things with intent to get laid...rather then hey I want to take her for the mere fact that I like her so my actions are based on that...anything after that is que sera.

and in some situations weeeeeell....ee nvm not pertinent...hmm keep in mind chivalry can be bold and stern in approach its not passive if your thinking that its just more tactical now...the sweeping people off their feet.....or saving someones behind...but there is more opportunity and security for the sterness in the latter. haha...the other one might get you mased...I know people who can atest to it (T_T)

Now I will say aside from all this that I know quite a few chivalrous men....some stay low profile and others well they're just over looked because of all the new found standards and expectations and narrow mindedness..(thus the modified chivalry)
...a lot of the times they do chivalrous things and YOU DON'T EVEN REALIZE IT because you never see it that way but in truth anything they do to help you because they care falls under that category. Simple things, clean your car, run your errands, EVEN RUB your feet to alleviate pain, HECK EVEN buy you things you can use or enjoy and destress with that you otherwise wouldn't of thought of ...although always not the ideal purchase...yea we know the random comfort foods we will pay dearly for later for giving those to you haha *head down*. Just go easy on us we cared enough to do it and knew you would enjoy it (*I'm getting a mean mug from my friend right now who is a female....hey she knows its true*)

....but hey we ran out of dragons to slay so what are we to do? :P

but there is an array of things they do that YOU don't notice....sometimes they like it that way......sometimes they hope you notice.

In regards to women...they play an important role in mens lives as much as we do theirs..we balance each other...so respect between the two is due. They bring life into this world ......of course with a little help lol (My family would be technical here haha), they have their strengths that they excel better than that we cant as we do with them so when we're weak they're strong and vice versa, and..sometimes they just keep life interesting and awkwardly enjoyable/challenging...thats still questioned at times haha....so in my mind and upbringing.

I know that whomever females I encounter....I'm all about respect and have no underlying intents, no chauvinistic thoughts, nor hidden agendas........that being said

If I do something for you its because I mean it in kindness and want to do it. If I hold the door I just wanted to be nice....if you raise a fuss and say I'm being
an arrogant pig or a**.IIIII have no problems with letting the door go..and hopefully it doesn't hit you (i'm sure you caught the tone)...but apparently you want to show me that you got this haha. If I offer my seat..I'm just taking in consideration that you MIGHT want to sit...you may of had a long day or walk whatever...if you raise hell and think AGAIN that I'm being arrogant
...I'll gladly take my seat back as you complain about your feet hurting and how your heels dig into you or what not in discomfort...I'm not forcing you to do anything ..and respect your decision:P.. and if your all for standing well then by all means stand..I'm not hating.

In chivalrous encounters whether working, dating, interacting...its awkwardly funny yet its me really but... I know that you are well capable of doing your own thing (speaking to females..put the gun down and if your a dude...No :l)...go ahead
but I'm still going to do my best in respect to provide/assist and make life easier and safe...and maybe a little fun...as I would hope she does in return respectfully....I INSIST people to pursue their dreams and try and ASSIST you if possible because I care and mean it....

..and most likely...I'm one of those who modified chivalries. So you may not notice or you may notice what I do...its fine by me...just seek clarity if you wonder...I'd gladly tell you.. but hey...I'm just a guy

What do you think?

"This is just one of my favorite topics among many..I live what I say so I speak from MY experience."


  1. I agree Chivalry is not dead. It may be slightly overlooked or negated but it is not dead. I agree it comes down to the person and the situation. A person or “man” might be very chivalrous but in a situation might not act accordingly because it would not be appropriate or not appreciated. The difficulty of our era as you eloquently put it was independence. Our evolution as a society and people has made us self reliant as we found others unreliable. All people are not unreliable just some or even most. That is another discussion entirely. Some of us are reliable, responsible and dependable in relationships from friendships to partnerships. To address the not appreciated statement I made previously is not to contradict your statement of acting chivalrous even without acknowledgment but just addressing another aspect. I know several men that enjoy doing things that women don’t even have a clue that they are doing just for them. Just in an attempt to make the woman happy. I personally enjoy those moments when you finally realize what has been done just for you. In most situations it can be a very sweet gesture but just keep in mind there are limits. Stalking would be the other end of the spectrum. To conclude I would consider myself a very independent woman and I fully appreciate chivalry. It adds another level of respect from a man to a woman. Respect is something that seems to be falling to the wayside as our human evolution ensues, and again another topic entirely. Count me in for that one. ;) lol.

  2. Chivalry is far from dead. In reality most women feel this way because in their worlds...Its dead, mummified, and on exhibit in a museum with admission to expensive for them to afford. Blessed are the women that can accept a door opened and can motivate a man to rush to the simple task of being chivalrous. On the same accord as a result of the scarcity of chivalrous gestures a very cunning man can capitalize on the smallest demonstration of such. Preying upon the damsel so easily impressed.
    Chivalry: the privilege; the honor and the weapon.