Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Right Place ....at the Right Time.....

There is a song that I like by a group called the Procussions. The song is titled
"Down to One" in the song he speaks of his life and how he found his clarity in life.
There is a particular verse in it that grabs my attention every time and it goes...
Here is what it all comes down to/
what you know for yourself regardeless of everything around that surrounds you

Eat if you like heavy or light with a spoon, whether dirty or clean/
in the end it all taste like the same thing/

That one line of People and places has never been more true than in my life.

My best earliest memory of this was sitting in school lunch in early high school and a person approached a friend of mine at my table to confront him over some misguided words and rumors (kids being kids right?)...the soul of the persons whole intent for confronting was to fight him.......I remember being unsettled by this and ready to pull him out.....but right as I got up...an associate at our table who I hadnt really known well threw out his hand out on my chest and told me to back down and look....low and behold if I hadn't stopped I wouldn't have noticed the fact that it was a gang up....several people in the opposing party placed to attack one kid just for the sake of an unnecessary fight...a "just because" fight...on someone who they felt didn't matter. I truly understood the situation then...long story short no one got hurt...they're plans were ceased with the associate and my help. ...that guy who stopped me ..didn't know me from a lick of beans nor anyone at that table but did what he did..while everyone else was blind....I came across him years later now just battling with life for a few bad decisions that cant be helped...but what he did always sticks in my mind.

If you know me or have known me you've probably heard me say (under my breath)

...right place at the right time.......for somebody else.............

God has never put me where I never needed to be in the way he designed me ...I was built for helping and outreaching to others and a lot of the times in their darkest moments while at the same time learn something about myself and them. I've never been really able to understand it, nor explain it to others especially since most just look at is as meddling...and judge without really looking at it...but if you really followed...I never volunteered...I was just always there when no one else was able to do much and by instinct somehow I help because if i didn't ....no one else was going to or be able too....and usually the worse happened if nothing was done....so I tell people to watch and stick around..maybe then they might get it.

I've known this to be my purpose for some time now.....actually unrecognized and natural when I was little but later I ran from this.......God and I have a humorous relationship there...it felt kind of like Jonah and the Fish. God more like "where you gonna go?....I said where you gonna go?....I put you here for this reason"..in my early reluctance for personal reasons.

Once I accepted it the message just came clearer than day for me....like fog horns and being wacked with a sign...:/....Him and My humorous relationship. I hardly find it coincidence the people I come across in my life since that point..it was either people who I was either to help or learn something about myself from. I like to think that my gift is understanding.....information is one of the most powerful tools in this world...it can lead to many outcomes...but for the sake of pursuing wisdom the most powerful resource is understanding. It allows you to sense the spirit of someone, to fully see a situation, and more. BUT the thing is you have to intentionally sit down, stop yourself, and decide to find understanding I suppose. (there is a lot wierd things about me lol)

Its what I do for everyone I meet thats closest to me. That combined with what I do naturally can be a struggle sometimes...but I don't mind.....yall are worth it. Ask me and I'll tell you why..

The hardest thing is when you understand someone on a destructive path and want to help them but they won't let you. You want to be there for them but they won't let you...so your forced with understanding to watch them destroy themselves...yet your there at any moment for them...sometimes they come out all right...many times you watch what makes them so wonderful/unique/and a blessing get destroyed...then they carry on into the negatives of this world.

but again I've never been put where I never needed to be..and a lot of the times i'm built for the more severe........but one day I'll find Peace ;P ..reaching into the dark parts of my associates, friends, and family's conflictions when they're at their lowest or isolated themselves...and pulling them out.....my father would say you know .....that could be Satan.......but I know my God...I know my Spirit and relationship with him...and I know I'm still alive ....and I've seen the positives of my actions..you could say...so to me it can't be (then again there have been a few but God had me then I'm sure). Sometimes what I do is noticed sometimes its not.....but either is fine as long as you're okay. so I roll up my sleeves, dust off my pants, and keep moving.

Just to name a few of my right time moments….

1. I've stopped bloods from a misinterpretation and assaulting an unaware friend...that was fun :/

2. An accident where a car gets t-boned and a mom panics as the dashboard sits on her childs chest....glad they’re okay now

3. Stopped potential suicide over relationships and other things...

4. A friend of a friend collapses in sheer emotional distress to the point her life is at risk…the power of emotion.

5. A person former military who past the point alcohol poisoning, tripping after being slipped something, and allergic reaction...keeping him alive and well….my jaw hurt after that one…ever carried someone down long streets in Austin and they have flashbacks and start hitting you…yea :/ didn’t think so

6. Family abandonment of associates and friends…heavy dark place.

7. Stopping a crazy Ex threatening to kill themself and the girl if they break up…yea that was fun too…

8. Multiple thwarting of muggings, potential rapes, and assaults

9. Battles of self worth…those are long battles…..but I stick with them till the end.

10.Looking over someone all night who may have cocktailed themselves while no one was around.

11. Lost in direction in life and can’t tell enemy from ally and theres more but…that’s enough… just another day…I guess …..to quote an associate “I look like an EMT for life don’t I?” hahaha....and by no means do I intend to work in social work lol

Again…I may find peace later lol but I do what I do best for now……but it all sounds crazy right?....hard to believe huh?...its true...I've done all these things..I just don't brag...its not necessary and talking on it makes me sound crazy or cocky to some. Plus I don't brag on peoples darkest moments...they trust me....and I respect them and intentionally uphold that trust...

It might be one reason why I find it difficult to match with people relationship wise…I know few who would understand and tolerate this world…….more or less tell me to abandon them….but that’s the thing…..I always am there when everyone else abandons them….but HEEY!! who knows I MIGHT find someone the opposite of that lol or maybe if that happens I might just find peace and not have to do all that…and focus on ONLY my own (always undercontrol by the way..not like I'm not already) and a new route for others…….I’m not really getting hopes up there :/…the message is that clear haha and I think God is probably giving me the stare down…….but HEEEY...in the mean time woof…The lone mutt roams haha lol

But again I’m always there……….the right time…..the right place………for someone else……if you know me and struggling…if you look to your side….you’ll find I’m there…and never left. I’m sure there is more people who are like me somewhere… So if you ever get the thought that no one cares about you or others…remember at least me and that there are those like me out there.
The world may not give a care…..but I do

..and I also feel that sometimes even YOU are put somewhere for a purpose to learn or to teach when it comes to new and old people. Think.....ever found a time where it was you pulling someone out and it was clear they were in a heavy struggle?

If you think this is arrogance….no……..check your spirit….stop yourself and understand…..if you’ve met me….you’ll know its not in the back of your mind even though you for some forsaken reason want to invalidate me….…if you’ve interacted and stuck with me…my actions have spoke volumes and shown time and time again…IF you recall CORRECTLY….my actions mean more to me then anything said of me or from me…the world may say ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS….but I live it more than most I know honestly and with no regrets…...and you can try and give me a description for what I am…..I’ve occasionally been described as a good man…..and jokingly a guardian angel....but that’s all subject to your personal perceptions which I leave to you humbly…..so at the end of the day in my mind……….I’m just a guy….but in the right place…at the right time….you know the rest.


P.S.- I wouldn't want to be famous if it would stop me from doing what I do best. I really put this out there so you know that there are people like me that exist in this world where they persuade themselves that we don't.


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  2. Teeej - You are a wonderful guy and I am so grateful that God has put you in my life. I have known you for a long time and you are a man of God whose heart is after His own. Your willing and soft spirit calms those in fear and need. God has done alot through you and in you. I know that He has more plans for you, and I am so glad to hear that He has been in as much of your life as He has been in mine. At the end of the day, you are NOT just a guy in the right place at the right time, but you are God's helper on Earth sent to answer prayers that He has heard on high. Let your spirit take you where it may, and always know yourself. You're a true blessing to my cousins and my family. I'm glad that God saw fit for us to meet.