Thursday, September 23, 2010

What Kind of Woman Catches My Eye? hmm

Hmm what is my criteria for the perfect girl..........hmmm ;/

Honestly I really don't have any real superficial criteria for women. I always jokingly say as long as she isn't crazy......but I mean more in a don't key my car just because your mad or burn down the house crazy. lol

Truth be told, I like all women for the individual qualities respectively. Each lovely lady has their own "customized" style, lingo, walk, interest, smell, softness, etc. Sometimes they can overlap with others and some combinations work and some don't. So in my mind that means, no matter the relationship, each has its on different vibe and chemistry again no sense in comparing...vice versa ladies in regards to men...... but if I had to look at some high points of interest that normally catch my eye.....hmmm let me think about it. ....

1. In the words of Andre 3000 ...Nothings more attractive than a heaven praying woman ;)
2. Honestly I love any woman who can hold a witty and humorous conversation. That kind of girl inspires me and offers a little fun competition
3. I like a woman who knows how to cook...I love cooking and do so a lot myself...I figure a little culinary quality time ahead ;)
4. I like a woman who takes care of her health....for herself mainly and if she does for me...I appreciate it....although I will say I think I'm a legs man ;).....just saying that next to eyes the legs do tend to grab my attention.
5. Knows how to dress up is definitely sexy (any man can testify to this at some point)'ll make this man lose his speech, swallow his ego, and forget what happened the rest of the day...Don't get me started on when you walk ;)
6. Knows somewhat when she is going a little too far in moments of conflict
7. Selfless before selfish (take care of you and take care of others)
8. Ambitious and follows her aspirations
9. Team player and open minded...I can't stress that enough
10. Intellectual meaning she is willing to think things through....this is very rare and important. Also her knowledge ventures into areas I have yet to go myself. Someone I too can learn from.

really most of it comes down to mental actions being in sync with the physical actions and If she has my back then I have hers. She is who she is and I am who I am and we come together to do something greater than ourselves. I'm a simple man who handles the complexities of life ...aka Just a guy. ;) but it doesn't hurt to have an ally in those complexities.

Truthfully whether I find all these things in one package or not.....I'm fine with what God has in store for me. He's always given me what I needed and its kept me from being self centered, greedy, nor Judgemental and I'm happy to this day. As I've said before that I'm self sufficient but I'll admit I'm incomplete but happy either way. I'm confident in my abilities as a man and how I've lived life thus far, but as all men, I have my rough edges at parts that really man can only learn from a woman and vice versa. That 2 become 1 is a funny thing..........thus the He who finds a wife finds a good thing (Proverbs 18:22) the fairy tale and perfection lives in that....

See I'm a guy who has to focus on various vast details in my life, others life, and work, at times I'm a workaholic in my efforts to do my best for all and myself and will admit that, a perfectionist at times which means I become dedicated to my efforts and all the intricate parts. So I know that the type of girl I need most probably will be capable of pulling me out of that and saying hey "enjoy life a bit and breath" and when I fall ill with myself and with others be more or less the medicine to my mind. She'll be my strength when I'm weak and the weakness to my strengths (vital) and vice versa. I guess thats what they mean when they say "shes the air I breath" she revitalizes being that break from the world you constantly keep having to fight to prove yourself as a man among the follies and survive as you come up for air. She may also be the unknowing inspiration as to why I pursue improving myself....even now as she doesn't exist lol. Men change for women undoubtedly if they love them so no doubt I probably will too should that happen and hopefully for the best.

I have no problems holding hands in public or really any PDA. I'm a man and comfortable with who I am and my responsibilities. I was raised monogamous, chivalrous, faithful, and responsible. So I know where I stand no matter what with whomever she may be. Truly I know that every relationship has its own chemistry and purpose and unless I engage in it with full appreciation I won't find what I'm looking for and more or less get in my own way as do many men and women. I've babbled enough. I got a concert going on in the back and I have to finish packing....but all in all. Beautiful ladies keep doing your thing and stay sexy and to that special lady if she exist maybe we'll meet up in the future.


P.S. This was inspired by constant conversations with my female coworkers trying to figure out what kind of woman best suits me lol.......I'm starting realize that most my staff at both jobs are predominately women with me and another guy if I'm lucky.....I detect a vast plot some where lol

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  1. what would feelings be if they weren't so honestly and clearly expressed?

    Love it!!