Saturday, September 11, 2010

Man to Man #1: Man up

To each man his own path, his choice of rules, values, morals, actions, etc. I've said this plenty times throughout my life. I can only speak for me. There are areas I may overlap with other men but the path I choose to follow is one customized by me and guided by the man upstairs in personal relationship. I can't really speak for women ...for obvious reasons...I'm just a guy lol :P They have their own set of rules to apply to themselves individually....

As for me these are just the criteria and rules I uphold to myself.

1. If you start something, then always try to finish it. You've committed to something and the only thing that should stop that is if it jeopardizes integrity or life and nature taking its course....some things naturally remain incomplete when its beyond your control....aggrivating yes it is at times but overall try to get things done.

2. Do your best. Even in the littlest of task give 100 percent. If you multitask put 100 percent of your best ability at anytime in what you do.

3. Accept that you aren't perfect, that your human but be willing to grow from that. Trial and error, lifes lessons, words of wisdom, the woman in your life these things open opportunities to be complete.

4. Be content with what you have but always strive to do better. Work with what you have accessible to acquire more. Be ambitious but don't become greedy it doesn't work well for your life in quality.

5. Take charge and responsibility when its necessary in your work ethic, your relationships, and conflicts. Call it an alpha male principle but in time you'll understand. Take care of the things you care about.

6. Elevate yourself and those around you

7. Respect the opposite sex (and hopefully they do the same :P). They are 1/2 of what brought you into this world. Your incomplete without them....eventually you might want/need that rib back in your life (bible reference) :P. Know that they can be one of your greatest allies, confidante, your strength, and medicine the rest don't get to much into that world....accept them for their strengths and weaknesses as they hopefully do you....or... if they do accept yours in todays world :/.....if not.. the dog usually will and compensates that area (mans best friend haha)...but all in all you are the worlds two greatest puzzle pieces. Get the picture? :P

8. Know that you're going to have to get your hands dirty (meaning work hard) in almost everything in order to be a a man of God (or whatever faith YOU follow..this is mine), good provider, Good worker, a good father, a good man, a good friend, a good lover (yea I said love..and er aaand?), a good example, a good anything for that matter. It's never easy but its never too hard either. Also to achieve or obtain most things. Work to be better than you were yesterday.

9. You're probably outnumbered by the sheer numbers of male idiots..flawed individuals in certain areas around you that may jack things up for you.......don't judge them but help them. (As iron sharpens iron) Also accept that your probably going to occasionally pay for their mistakes unintentionally by the people around you who had a bad experience with bad apple as they say...but man up an prove that you aren't one of those individuals.

10. Come in with a plan and improvise on the unexpected until you can get something consistent...don't wait on ideal conditions.

All in all suck it up take responsibility... BE A got things to do and a life to live..okay okay.... Take the occasional breather to "stop and smell the roses"......smh...grow some (deep voice)...but also go smell the aroma of a football field or something around blood, sweat, and maybe tears...OF VICTORY! haha by your own rules... BE a MAN...



  1. I love the pic you've got accompanying this post. LOL.

  2. lol glad you enjoyed it. I try to add a little humor......I also wrote this with that voice in mind. haha

  3. #10: my personal fav!!

    oh and love the pic since i'm the last person on the planet to know he's in a commercial.