Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm sufficient but I'll admit that I'm incomplete we all are.

"I like a woman with selfless ambition who challenges me to do better in a way that she doesn't realize it.....and what makes her priceless is that we invest in each other so therefore we invest in us even in differences." [2001]

these type of women always grab my attention.....I appreciate their existence. Especially since its usually what I need. I found one of my old quotes....just thought I'd share.

Neither side is perfect and neither will find a whole package of what they want in the other...but the fact that they come together makes them whole and a perfect fit...especially as they begin something better than themselves alone without comparison......we were not created simple-'mindedly...

Fundamentally the two can't live without each other......function..

These words include physically, mentally, and spiritually. We develop each iron sharpens iron........if we were perfect coming in.. we most often might take it for granted so the perfection lives in us working towards developing together....thus the 2 become 1..... This is the wonders of any 2 coming together....what they make of it as they move together....the possibilities are endless.

One can only hope that confusion, simple mindedness, or narrow thoughts will not be the destruction of something wonderfully made when you let it take its course in full appreciation. Well, I'm going back to taking care of business too many slackers with no work ethic out here....


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