Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Good Man Stands for Something........

Every good man has to stand for something otherwise he is idle and being idle is ineffective nor what your life needs. The world will tell you you need to be more this or you need to be more that but there are 3 things I believe a man needs to be despite how he may be TOLD how he should be.

1. He needs to live with purpose (an objective in mind to implement and achieve)

2. He needs, at the basic level, his faith or belief (support) system (His drive, goal, religion, relationship, or family, etc)

3. He needs to represent, implement, and take care of the things he cares most about despite any form of criticism as long as it remains ethical (productive with minimal harm possible) nor overly compromising to who he really is.

at his core these things are tested through patience, outside judgment,trials and tribulations, jobs, relationships, and the everyday tasks........He doesn't waste nor should he waste much of his time proving himself to others (unless necessary) but truly to himself.....outside opinions, "standards", and ideals change everyday but the one you hold for yourself is what compels YOU and can influence those. changing elements. They say a lot of things about what makes a good man....but what makes him good is how he carries these 3 throughout his life. its truly 5 a.m. and my thoughts in the moment....I've lived an oddball life thus far with a few overlaps with whats considered common...but I know what I do and why... as should you...


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