Monday, December 6, 2010

Maturity Part 1: Act your age or pretend really well...

yea yea I know it took so long for this blog as I promised in earlier blogs to happen....a lot of things have happened lately....but but NO EXCUSES lol I accept my delay :P

Its one of those words that get thrown around quite loosely without really a true understanding of it. Too much like words such as love, friendship, and genius. Often times it is used in judgment and often the people themselves using it don't fully represent it either (hypocrisy if you will). Growing up the way I did, I learned that...

maturity is how one handles information..

Something this world holds an abundance of and is one heck of a power in reality...with it comes great responsibility (Ooooh Spiderman oh SNAP!!) to truly test "MATURITY" is to test and see how one handles information don't you think?

Usually in the idea of take the information to create the best outcome possible with minimal drama as possible or at least stabilize things. You keep things moving and hopefully improve on them as you accept not deny your contribution or decisions in anything. You don't harp and you don't shift blames. You take responsibility, remain respectful, and productive in whatever it may be. You know your limits, when to push, and when to cut...okay maybe the when to cut gets a little gray but don't go cutting all willy nilly.....its like going into a gun store with a knife......your only screwing yourself there.

but most likely we tend to let info cause us to lose control and allow our emotions, vendettas, routine self destruct mechanisms, or external influences to override our better judgment as we cover our own flaws in maturity saying FTW!!! (with soap box optional) whiiiiich usually keeps us from doing things the best way possible and cease in learning and progressing.

rightfully so we can have a legitimate reason depending on the info (cheating, slander behind the scenes, any type of discrepancy) to be agitated....but that too creates problems and compromise who we are and the best outcome if we allow it too.

I learned in MY life that there are two ways one learns maturity...

1)with time and age given their own experiences with trial and error.....which can be very long winded for the sheltered and those living in stubbornness or overly wreckless.

2)intentionally understanding the lives and experiences of those before you....this was how I started off being given I was raised with baby boomers for my first real friends. (Same script different cast)

It really speeds up the course when you learn by both methods...but most learn by number 1......if at all :/

Everyday life:
One of things that bothers me is when maturity is indirectly used when people say "ACT LIKE AN ADULT" or to that effect....Playground politics never to me the adult is a figment of your imagination....a specialized group or "click" if you will....its kind of like calling yourself the cool really is that as mature as you think it is. We're all just big developing kids.....just some of us are more stubborn then others in the handling of things the best way..CONSISTENTLY. so when your saying to me act like an adult your really about two shades away from saying

"nanny nanny boo boo...I've got something yoooou don't ...I'm better than yooooou......I got some iiiiice cream, you didn't geeeet none" sorry got carried away :P *adjust tie*

now..I'm just going to talk on two sections of life.

Love life:
Okay seriously.......whether eharmony, speed dating, coffee house, or nicholas sparks like events, the club, arts and craft meet, [insert whatever dating environment here] Maturity was the last thing on your list of things to think about at the time of Ooo aa and oo shiny (translation: interest in each other) ..but yet its used as the supposed initial standard by men and women as to whether you'll be with them. (sips beer). Thats just something you find out over time that seals the deal. I'm sure we don't go "Hey here is my maturity card..been a member since mm/dd/yyyy" and by time most of you realized whether the person is good at being mature (handling things better) or not..well some of you know the rest...sooo I'll shut up here and save that for another day. :P

Work: knows no bounds here and usually the worst are in highest position but those who can use information and handle life right...excel quite well in making their work environment comfortable moderately and making it up the ladder.... enough said.

if there is something you'd like me to touch on with this...please let me know...I'll gladly touch on it in part 2. but hey this is just my thoughts and at the end of the day you know what I am....:P


P.S. Some of you really need to pull your heads out.... maturity requires breaking a cycle....hard to see and create a better future when your to busy watching history repeat itself. :P

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