Thursday, January 6, 2011

For Every Action........

I was holding a conversation with someone very dear and important to me and in the mist of this conversation I noticed something with her that I have always realized as a kid growing up. Something she did for me when we were little was simple but was pivotal to me growing up in a phase ....but she never knew nor realized it but I'm always appreciative and grateful for her because of it whether she knows or not.

A lot of us don't really understand or realize just how significant every little action can be in life. Otherwise, we do realize but we push it in the back of our minds and bury it with whatever we label as priorities, aspirations, everyday encounters, and sometimes intentionally choosing to ignore it.

emphasized words "For every action, there is a reaction"-Newtons third law

although physics this can also be applied socially but its easier to see the immediate physics like moving (I admit) than it is to see what you do and how it effects the environment around you....unless you INTENTIONALLY decide to look. (FOR TECHNICAL PEOPLE: Keep in mind SOCIALLY not every action and reaction will be equal....that is the BIG difference if you apply the whole law)

but back to the original conversation..

Even the the littlest thing or routine action can have the biggest effect especially if it is at the right time and the right place......and not just even that.

Example: When I was in a ROTC unit in college, I made it a point to smile one year everywhere I went despite how agitated training could be at times....randomly in a football game against Nebraska a girl randomly pulled me aside and told me that she always noticed me smiling every time she saw me and it made her smile and handled the day the same

did I expect it to have effect personally.....yes....its why I did it (I understood this)... but please mind
you its near 10000 + people at a football game, I didn't know this girl nor have a class with her, and this happened to me multiple times with various people.

That's several people just because of a routine..small action...that most of us see as truly just a small gesture to ourselves, or meaning nothing at times, or a just because action

I could give you several more examples but I'm not going to be long winded with this. Its the ripple effect if you've heard of it.

envision a pond or lake

"If you tap your finger in the water a small ripple becomes bigger ripples" that is the basis of the ripple effect metaphor.

but to expand on that did you know that that tap was probably heard by fish.......the fish saw it as a warning and as result changed its course of action....who knows you may have starved a bear somewhere" :P

Now as redundant as always I hear the words ooo you're over thinking things...let me again nip this in the bud...and say no I'm not.

You would be surprise to know what your brain processes, notices, or what information it receives and interprets without your focus. Your brain has already processed all this and your constantly assessing EVERYTHING without you realizing it (including often actions and reactions). so am I really?.... no I'm just pointing it out. Something you possibly choose to ignore or bury in focus deeming it maybe unimportant TO YOU. I just decided to look at it.

Of course from the person who is dear to me she often says that "I'm making it bigger than what it is" (I say this laughing of course right now).....but to me... no ...and you unknowingly its just something to us as simple as "breathing" :P....

know thyself....

but hey I'm

J.A.G. ;)

P.S- Make every action count towards the best reaction....

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