Saturday, January 29, 2011

At the request of a friend, I’m going to visit the topic of the make up of the Asshole for reason

I’ll leave alone. So I figure why not. Everyman is not an asshole but all have asshole tendencies brought out by particular events….whether genetic…I couldn’t tell you :P . Usually when those opportunities present themselves…..some will embrace it long term (complete)….and some will use it only in the moment….and then there is some that take the more passive approach.

Usually in relationships, the encountering of an asshole comes to view in the mist of arguments. Aggressive words are exchanged and 7 out of 10 times your mostly going to attack each others character at some point. For a guy, often in his head, like any other he becomes defensive. In this instant he may choose to retaliate often. THIS is usually the asshole tendency initiator…his character is threatened and like all playground politics…the thought that hits his mind most often is “YOU HIT ME, I’M GOING TO HIT YOU BACK”….so in some cases he may without ration or even thought not think his statements out because his whole mission at that point is to get revenge :l ….messed up I know but its what some of us do. In SOME cases between men and women we have a lost in translation….you see there is this misconception that in an argument BOTH participant are supposed to be evenly emotionally invested in the THE argument…..nope when you hit his character again SOME men will withdraw from it all…..a kind of F*** it and F*** you attitude….. “I don’t need this” ….sooo your left arguing with yourself there…….I’ve seen too many women get pissed here but even I come to terms here……I’m not going to sit here and start world war with you…..but in my case its because I know there is a better answer to the matter at hand……..

just don’t push to hard here. When he is in that mode he is not in complete asshole mode but if you push too much you WILL cause him to go all out….sometimes its better to step back and regroup in our case…..although some of us would rather just act like the altercation never happened….THIS is a problem in problem avoidance though…..but for the sake of metaphor picture a muffin. The interior is his ego and/or character…the substance……the outside is tough or solid from its exposure to the everyday heat (baked lol)……when you pass that exterior you find that some of us are consistent throughout…..and some of us put up a front in defense and really have an undercooked interior…so they really have no clarity to themselves……what the heck!?!? I’m hungry now!?

This blog is probably part I among many issues dealing with the theory of the a**hole………and is brought to you by “Let-go” :P…… really try it lol


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