Thursday, January 27, 2011

Revamped Emo Vampires! I want to suck your blood....but it hurts inside!

Somewhere must be a really pissed off Dracula. He must be wondering what the hell happened over the past decade to lead to such emotionally charged monsters. I believe some would blame Buffy the vampire slayer and her Dawson's Creek like affair with the vampire known as Angel…….but at least angel too had a side that was slightly less emo but masculine to it. Dare I say it….Angel actually kicked @%$# and though he was nice guy…..there was a slight hint of “don’t #^$@ with me!” to him..

Last time I checked vampires were a thing to be remotely feared. At Halloween men and boys would dress up as Dracula for various reasons because Dracula was a suave but tough guy. ……Okay usually boys dressed up because he was the king of monsters….and men…..well they just liked the concept of nibbling on a girls neck I’m sure……now days not so much…..but with today's current trend I feel that if I encountered a real vampire…..If I told it that it was ugly or had bad breath , it might run off and cry……..maybe even kill itself……now I don’t know about you but I think that might make the world a safer place but still……..its slightly …..depressing…just a little...

Then again it does make sense why vampire costumes are so few seen these days….given the current twilight trend…..I don’t think I would dress up as a vampire if it meant I “glittered” in the sunlight…although I’m sure that comes handy for vampires who like to do some jogging…you’re you own reflector belt…..

Now I’m not HATING on twilight and the series of knock offs that followed (although I know a certain person is probably going to give me an earful on this tommorrow…sorry :P or am I?) but I do have grievances with that series for other reasons….but I’m just saying I want my bad ass vampires back…in todays world of survival of the fittest…..where is Blade when you need him….oh wait…tax evasion…okay George Clooney you’re our next hope for restoration.

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  1. EW.. you coulda chosen a better couple for the picture. Rob Pattinson is ugly and Kristen Stewart is just a horrible actress/interviewee. :)