Sunday, January 9, 2011

Quiet Storms that cost us all.....

You know more friendships, relationships, work environments, partnerships, teams, etc get broken up by elements that had nothing to do with what they were was founded and developed on.....dissolved by things that are random.....unneeded and unnecessary....often..... easy to resolve.....

Along with that., every human being because they are not perfect will overtime make really crappy decisions, act in ways they shouldn't occasionally or don't fit for certain situations, and ultimately and (generically) make mistakes ....often routinely.

With that in mind you have a choice in all these can let these ties go with the flow of today's chaos....which is like leaving a flower or anything unattended and will ultimately lead to its demise..........which also can leave you with nothing over and over again....OR you can do what is necessary regardless of anything to take care of the things you care about most.

in a way, what it comes down to is do you really and truly care at all .......or are you content with saying and convincing yourself the words that you care but not adding truly or dedicating yourself to the work ethic necessary to make your caring true.

The only true ties that should be cut come down to those that jeopardize life, future, limb, and compromising of complete self...not a portion...but complete.

Don't expect anything you have to not have its fair share of conflicts but be willing to do what is necessary to get what you have back up and running right even if it means going back to basics or ground zero.

That which you care about, you will do what is necessary regardless of opinions, prejudices, egos, or anything. Why?.......because you care about it.

This popped in my head randomly as I sit in my room and relax.....I figure or assume there is somebody out here that needs to hear this but who knows? As always I'm ...


Good night

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