Monday, June 15, 2015

A return to the blog world

Yes, I have returned to the blog world, more for my own learning and development. Maybe it can benefit someone else but I use this tool with myself in mind for my own strengths and weaknesses. Weaknesses are not bad. Weaknesses are just great things on pending development.

 I am writing this blog in hopes to sort my thoughts and experiences and make the most of them. I always aim to "Know thyself" while embracing that "all I know, is that I know nothing" and it drives me to learn more, but I am a learning addict with a thirst to understand. The latter drives me to take on the convenient and the inconvenient with "rolled sleeves" whether agreeable or disagreeable to those around me.

 From my starts as a naive optimistic charitable kid with a target on his back, to a adaptive realist as a means of survival and progress-- I have always wanted to do better and it pushes me towards self-mastery in hopes to better serve my purpose in quality of life. Though my methods can get strange and my experiences less than common to where I am, this is just the world in my observation and the questions I have in mind.

I've explored many rabbit holes and have difficulty explaining what I find. Maybe, with time and practice, I may get it right. At some point, I used to think that something was wrong with the limbic region of my brain influential to motivation, emotion, learning, and memory. I know what I experienced but could never articulate it--heck, often I still can not articulate what I know. I wasn't the fastest kid mentally but with time, changing methods, and consistent practice I developed a faster but not perfect process. We'll see...

Next Blog: The rules of the adaptive realist (applied to myself)

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