Wednesday, June 24, 2015

LEARN FEST BEGINS--AGAIN! Enlighten or fade away!

There is a lot for me to say for what is going on right now, but I'll try my best to keep this short.

Three weeks ago, marks the beginning of my yearly learning binge. I find myself almost at my happiest when this time comes around. I try to learn new things, challenge everything, deconstruct what I know, re-learn and re-think things all as a means to update myself for personal growth never wanting a closed mind. It's no hidden secret that I'm always seeking to do things better whether it be work or just at being a person in general. Fortunately this keeps up with this years theme (My annual substitution for a new years resolution) of "Mobility and maintenance."

Did I use those quotations right? I don't know. I'm revisiting grammar as well. There was a time where I wrote a lot of poetry and prose and stories from the imagination. You could say that the workforce and being forced to write investigations and reports have oppressed such a talent and maybe even crippled it. Books such as Elements of Style and Comma Sense have been very useful in my relearning.

Added to my learning binge is my more aggressive pursuit to improve on my Spanish and close the gap. The gap is that I can hear it and understand a good bit of conversational spanish, but can't exactly speak it that well. This would definitely come in handy on my job in public health and at a lot social events I find myself engaging. As practice I use pimsleur audio and hold the occassional conversation with coworkers willing to correct and teach me. I've also been reading and taking pointers from the book titled Fluent Forever.  Here is to goals!

For leisure I am reading the The Martian. Books containing witty characters never bore me as does the many ways one can tell a story of being resourceful in a troubling situation. I encourage you to read it. As a matter of fact, read it before the Matt Damon led movie comes out soon. For comparison? Hell no--that makes many a judgemental prick destroying the movie experience that runs on different rules. Don't read with intents of later comparison but more for the enriching of the experience. Little added treasure details.

For the more physical part of my life I have been doing a little bit of the following; Weight lifting, parkour, yoga, Arnis, running, meditating, and a little dancing. Yes I do dance speaking as a former B-boy (but I can't say former because--lets be honest-- I still got it).

I've also been  in intense assessment, research, and thinking on some things but that is for another blog. I've ranted enough and am signing off. I hope to eventually start adding pictures and video as a peek into my progress. A lot is happening in my life and thoughts so stick around. Have a good night or day reader! Live long and kick butt.

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