Friday, July 10, 2015

We're similar but different. Accept it, get over it, and make the most of it.

As a concept, I'm the type who prefers to have a team consisting of a thief, a Samaritan, a hard worker, a slacker, male, female, all of the above, strangely competing faiths, difference cultures, a cat, a dog, a duck, and random rock for a team than a group of like minded copies. I can change if the situation requires but that's just my preference. Yes, they will probably clash and offend each other from time to time, due to differences, but as long as they're respectful in coexistence, then I'm cool.Thick skins, equanimity, and patience is a requirement. Otherwise, you have high ideals about coexistence especially if you believe all have the right to an opinion (ever changing with the wind).

So show me who you are as of today so that I know what and who I'm dealing with today because I'm not going to assume about you because we all have something to offer. I expect people to change in their own ways with time and experiences so why not make the most of it and figure out how to make the pieces work Differences tap into capacity, while similarities tap more the momentum or force behind progress. I like capacity; it creates potential. If you can get differences to get on the same page then lets throw a party because watch the magic happen. . Plus, the differences usually acts as checks and balances---headaches when they occur--but checks and balances. The latter assuming someone doesn't get to carried away--then that is when standards come in. Respect and responsibility; Those are what I care about more.

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